Bubba Watson Recovery Shot Masters 2012

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Gman6755 says:

Considering the moment, that might be the greatest shot ever hit in golf.
I bet Louis Oosthuizen crapped his pants when he saw that big hook come out
of the woods and land on the green like that. Just a spectacular shot.

do1wo1 says:

Bubba is the king 

CoolPoppa Bell says:

:55 what’s this nigga doing there?

Jon Matthews says:

I played in college and was made fun of, by the seniors, when I attempted
to hook a wedge out of the trees. Never understood their logic, and I know
they shut up forever after watching this.

Joseph Schell says:

He couldn’t even see the hole

StsFiveOneLima says:

He saw the field. 

Sports Talk with Van Mor says:

I have made a video talking about the 2014 Masters tournament on my
channel. If someone wishes to view, you can do so on my channel. There’s
more to come.

Andrew M says:

Great shot. Have to ask the question though, the lie he had was
ridiculously good for hitting it dead off the tee. The gallery didn’t pull
out a foot wedge did they??? There is no way known that ball legitimately
ended up there, Seriously!!

Tim Hollamby says:

I was watching Bubba hit that shot and I STILL don’t believe he did it, as
close to perfect as it gets, augusta with the green jacket on the line.
Dead solid perfect.

John JOHN leflod says:

haahah that random black dude!!

Fortherightstuff says:

Bubba baby fuck yalls favorite golfer!

sim10on10 says:

fromm 155 i would hit a 9 iron. damn bubba is long

linny4431 says:

“He told me on the range he can hit a wedge..176 yards” WHAT??? That’s

TheLFCzone says:

Bubba rocks! Awesome player! Awesome swing!

Mike Rohren says:

The perfect combination of intention and luck

staedltersucks says:

he deserves the major title win.

Scott Henry says:

Great clip. Thanks for posting.

Demitri Voyiatzis says:

The black guy at 0:55 is not impressed lol

Arnaldi Ortiz says:

is like Where’s Waldo? Black guy at Masters edition!

rw5791 says:

Elementary, my dear watson?

ThePtga says:

as a fellow left handed golfer every time i have to hit a nifty shot like
that i always say i have to hit a bubba shot

Youngsy1986 says:

cunt cost me 300 quid with that shot 🙁 great shot tho!

top4874 says:

I’ve hit this shot 1000’s of times. Nothing special about it. :p

RuzKa Gaming says:

i saw the black guy n i was gona comment on him but i guess ppl noticed him
to ahhaahhaha awsome

steelfury455 says:

how in the hell do you hook a wedge shot.

pencilmation1 says:

Great vid thanks man!

alexis lopez says:

The 4 dislikes come from south africans

GrumbleVolcano141125 says:

this will go down as one of the greatest shots of all time, as will
Oosthuizen’s albatross on number 2

GOONIE says:

thumbs up for terrible quality video! : D

Lance Go says:

How are there any dislikes??? This is such an impossible shot to pull off,
or a Bubbapossible shot to pull off WOW!

Mark Penny says:

Th flash

qdE uä says:

That is like a standard shot for bubba he hits his wedge like this all the
time, his shotmaking ability is amazing to watch.

Mankrane says:

Would love to see a shot tracker on this!

CODgod curry says:

i shoot this shot alot but not on purpose 🙁

dtownlove10 says:

That would be a A-1 in Golden Tee.

brainysnaeha says:

Too bad played not as good as he did with the masters here last week in
Thailand still finished 2nd 11 strokes behind Charl Schwartzel.

cacey hays says:

You recorded in HD but we all have to watch 240p!!

Solowizard says:

That Bubble Watson guy is a real talent.

sean dentur says:

5 dislikes??????????? obviously 5 deluded toffee nosed ass holes that
simply just like bubba….

nikanj says:

Nice hook. I can hit that shot, problem is I can’t stop hitting that shot.

schecterc1exotic says:

great quality

Lance Go says:

It kinda looks like he set up with a square face too! And can anyone notice
the huge shaft bend for a PW just as he starts his downswing??

tyler allen says:

Black dude rubbin his chin was like DAMM!

TheRealEzzy says:

and thats what separates the men from the boys

ThePtga says:

The funny thing is when bubba hits thats shot, he knows what hes doing when
i hit that shot it just happens i dont know how i did it haha

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