Bubba Watson – Skipping it over #16 Pond at The 2011 Masters – Augusta National Golf Club

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Visit http://www.ondrakogolf.com for more info on Brian or follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/ondrakogolf – This was taken by Ondrako Golf at the 2011 Masters Tournament practice round. Pretty cool video of Bubba Watson skipping it over the pond on #16 at Augusta National Golf Club


eh1114 says:

if i hit the shot, i would totally hit the people in the back

Imazor12345 says:

Your welcome

John Fox says:

Golf needs players like this who are out there enjoying the game. One of
the aspects I love about golf is the camaraderie the players show around
the course. While golf is a competition, it’s really all about the player
and the course, there are no angry moments screaming about a tennis shot
being on the line or whether or not someone was out at second or if someone
stepped out of bounds.

Monster Bear says:

This is the tradition for this tournament during the practice rounds. They
all skip it.

Ryan G says:

What a DisNack!

Alex Allbut says:


Dixie Normous says:

…It’s a tradition for every player to do this during their practice

thethinginurnightmar says:

its still pretty cool and it shows why they are pros

wilsonator01 says:

Guy skips it across the water, still puts it closer than I would with a
regular shot -.-

Ed Flood says:

Freddie, Tiger and Furyk did this the year before. Lame

tmazz85 says:

My welcome?

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