Clay Ballard Golf Swing | All Angles

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Clay Ballard Golf Swing | All Angles

See Clay Ballard's golf swing from all angles with various clubs. Take a journey with him on the course as he reveals secrets he uses to keep his swing on auto pilot. He also dives into what he believes to be the the most important aspect of his swing to stay consistent. You're gonna love it!

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Driver Basics For Longer Straighter Shots

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Clay Ballard Golf Swing | All Angles




Zhiwei Ren says:

Great video and commentary!

Eric Lindauer says:

After plateauing for decades, I went from a 12 to a 4 in one season with this stuff. It’s not just the techniques, which are great, or the clear explanations, though also great…. Clay’s practice sessions are designed around deliberate practice, and THAT is the truth when it comes to getting better.

0331 says:

I go to the course, set up and only swing thought I have is “look like Clay Ballard”……not even close

flacoface says:

If I could…ten thumbs up! Thanks again Clay.

Joe Griggs Jr. says:

I've just videod myself twice today. I am adopting the "roll release" but for the life of me, I cannot stop flipping. It looks as if my right side is not getting thru. ABSOLUTLEY, No forward shaft lean at impact. Even on my second taping, I've intentionally tried it and still am not getting that forward shaft lean. I am wondering, is my weight shift going too far right at the start of swing.

Rob Biagi says:

Clay’s swing tempo is a LOT faster than his relaxed, Southern speaking style. Did he “gradually work up to that rhythm to find his ‘Top Speed’ after much trial and error,” or was his swing that brisk from the beginning? (I’m more laid back like Clay, and my tempo [and clubhead speed] are S-L-O-W…) 🙄

Eric Stinnett says:

A really Great video, I've been recording myself, I have a slight over the top, (trying to get my arms back as far as possible, when I start the down swing My club is way too steep, I'm flat footed until about 3-4 inches after hitting the ball ( I know that my foot should start to come up on the down swing)This video will help a lot. To be honest, I sometimes try to to cheat on the reps you share with us to do, in other words I might do 10-15 or maybe even 20, instead of 💯. If you and when you have time, can you do video on how you play a golf course where you normally play. Even though we practice on the range taking it to the course is a different level, lol. Even on your bad shots how (which are very few) like to see how you recover and play. We look forward seeing that video. Thanks⛳🏌️🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️

michael wright says:

Thanks, excited to practice this today!

Nick Ichihara says:

Holy cow man, my swing is ugly as fuck and it looks like i'm trying to kill lit; however, I now carry 250-300 thanks to your tips.

Derek Harrington says:

Clay, there are several back to back golf shots in this which got me thinking. I think it would an awesome content addition if you played a around of golf from shot to shot with maybe some shot break downs in between highlighting shot differences. Or maybe just couple holes. Pretty sure I would watch it. Love the videos. Only golf videos I watch

Dovski says:

Excellent video. Very helpful. You have fantastic swing. Is it just me or do you stand quite a long way from the ball at address – either because the lie of your clubs are quite shallow or because you like to have the toe a bit off the ground or because you like your hands quite low. I am standard loft standard lie and 181cm tall. I play off 3 H/C. For a 5 iron the distance from heel of club to toe of your foot seems to be about 66cm for you. For me, if I take my standard address position, it's about 60cm so I have a more upright stance since my hands are the same distance from my thighs as yours more or less but my hands are also 2 or 3 cm higher than yours, but club head is flat, (toe very slightly raised).

ghostshipone says:

Clay you talk about late release etc which I get but did Nicklaus mean that you can never release the club early enough?

Tom Settles says:

Clay – your left arm pretty much stays pinned to your left pec in the downswing. From top of backswing it looks like you rotate your belly button forward and then fire arms and wrists. If you were to swing at "top speed" with 20-30 balls, would your left shoulder be sore afterwards? I'm having this problem and I think its from not enough torso rotation early in the downswing.

crypto maniac says:

What was it that kept you from going pro? Feel like you should be as consistent as the pros.

NCCW says:

clay I cannot get rid of the shanks what do I need to do to get rid of them

NCCW says:

Clay is the driver setup different than all the other clubs

Felipe Gonzalez says:

Great video.

Robert Grier says:

Amazing video!!

Le Minh Kha says:

Hi. Great videos. What apps do you use to analyze videos? Thanks

matt smith says:

If one is on the border with their swing speed for shaft flex, is it better to go with weaker or stronger flex?

Jan Skantz says:

Great video! I can honestly say that I am a better golfer because of your classes and videos here on Youtube. Thanks!

Jeff Wu says:

Clay, great video, however i have noticed that the ball position for driver sometimes are different (in different videos).i noticed sometime that you had place the ball on the center like 3 woods vs. on the left side ( line up on inner left heel). can you please clear this, Thank you. J

Rob Sav says:

Compliments for the enciclopedia!

awilly d says:

You have got to be kidding me!!!

I don't understand how you couldn't make a living with this swing? It's as good as it gets!! Better looking swing than 95% of the tour.

And no I do not believe that you swing hard at all. You swing with the much sought after "effortless power" I would imagine that you smash the bloody dimples off the ball.(by the sounds of it anyways)

It's quite something to see your Driver, 5 Iron, and Wedge side by side and in sync. Everyone should take note that your tempo with all clubs is IDENTICAL.

This video is like a lesson in and of itself! All one has to do is loop the three synced club section and watch it over and over and over. If they can come even close to your sequencing and tempo… Game over!!!
No kidding aside. GREAT SWING… Great Videos meaning All Of Them.

jeremy Grant says:

The more I watch your swing the more I see the speed energy generating in your arms almost like your shoulders are decreasing. I notice with tiger his intensity is matched and always increasing shoulders and arms. Is this something you work on

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