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This weeks impact show will show you ways to help improve your club head speed in the golf swing, helping you to hit your drives longer



COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you'd like to see next!

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Bernard says:

Click bait title !

Realistic Life Management says:

Just want you guys to know how greatly appreciated you are. I live in Mississippi, United States and have roughly a year and a half of golf experience under my belt. I first started just playing a course over and over. I found you guys and your videos plus practice are what have 100% taught me how to play the game. I started at averaging 130+, as I imagine most people start, and now shoot high 80s-low 90s. This video now is my next step to build me from an average 260 drive to hopefully closer to 300.

Thank you guys so much and I'd love to have everything Me and My Golf.

roger peet says:

THX, l learned so much. Soon, I'll be on TV.

Mark Crisp says:

You do look lovely in your matching outfits !!!! I've tried everything to swing my driver faster but nothing ever works – are you up for the challenge ?

Golf Dummy says:

Love that. Clean and clear explanation @

Kayla Sennett says:

Not really sure about this video but this product helped my husband improve his golf swing. It's at least worth checking it out. Here is the link, you won't be disappointed.

Daniel Benson says:

Have you guys considered adding a visual ball tracking element so we can actually watch the flight path of the balls you hit after making swing adjustments

Nancy Hartman says:

Just an advert

Paul Callaway Golf Fitness says:

Very well done videos! I frequently borrow your training videos to support the custom golf fitness training clients I work with and they are really enjoy the content and how I modify the base exercise to support their individual needs… and

Ryan Bautista (537RyaBaut) says:

superspeed is too damn expensive! do you have a tutorial perhaps?

Gordon Berryman says:

Two absolute choppers ??

Shamsuddin Kassim says:

Too much talking, insane.

mobydoug says:

Looks helpful. thanks. Always with the weird threads. Matching tight purple pants?

I Sherman says:

It's also way ? !

Roberto Moreno says:

WTF is "insane" speed?

rafique ismail says:

its all about balance, both physical and mental relaxation

Jeff Calhoun says:

Hey guys! Great video, question, would the Orange Whip accomplish developing greater club speed, and greater synchronization as well?

James Early says:

I have 2 things I'm working on. I have a flat backswing and sometimes I'm laid off at the top. I'm trying to get more upright in my backswing. I'm also hitting pulls with my mid-irons, hitting to the left of my target. PLEASE HELP!!!

Gary G says:

My dream is to be a pro golfer in 12 years. Your videos are a great foundation before I put some serious money on a trainer. I have always been a competitive athlete but I am a disabled Vet now who is too broken for more physical sports and finally has time to do something therapeutic yet still competitive like golf. Golfing without instruction will definitely not help with anger issues though lmao I would move wherever and change my entire life to be someone's protege.

Reid Sheftall says:

How good are you guys? Obviously VERY knowledgable compared to other teachers.. Just wondering… Hcps?

Liam Moore says:

Andy going full on Cilla Black at 1:55 haha

man who plays golf says:

Sprinters running downhill, WHAT! You can not train yourself to be faster, you are training the ability to maintain top speed for longer. Sprinters do not run downhill.

out for a rip 8726 says:

Do you videos about smash factor

N. H says:

Great advice using speed sticks. Be careful of left handed swings (for right handed golfer) as can damage wrists which are not used to swinging in the opposite direction.

Cory Rasmussen says:

Hey guys, thanks for creating so much great content! My biggest swing fault is with my irons. I don't shift my weight forward very well and as a result I hit the turf behind the ball alot. I seem to lean back almost, especially when I try and hit it hard. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

Kevin Cranfield says:

Please do a review on this product Love to get your view on it and see if it's worth the 200 squids. Thank you

charly yoo says:

San Diego California suits these chaps rather nicely.

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