Don't Pull Your Arms Down | Better Strike & Consistency

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One of the most effective drills I've found for sequencing the golf swing, striking the ball better and having consistent directional control – this simple drill takes care of a lot of common swing faults all at once.

0:00 // Intro
0:49 // Keep arms high & back
4:46 // Combining with shoulder down & around
7:54 // Trying it right-handed
10:38 // Conclusion


Andrew M says:

Great video Matt .. It looks like you're not even looking at the ball at contact :O

Neil Gardner says:

Drinking on a school night…welcome to my world! 🍻

Ross Lillebo says:

great videos Matt…enjoying this journey

Ali Pajooman says:

Great video thanks Matt.

Follow Media says:

your head turn is much earlier during this drill. eyes probaly off the ball extremely early like before arm parallel on the down swing. thoughts on carrying this over to your actual swing or is this for drill only?

trebledawson says:

Awesome stuff Matt, loved to hear you talk about your head turn at impact since that was definitely something interesting that I noticed in your previous videos. It really looks like your swings are coming along really nicely, I can't wait to see how you will continue to progress and improve!

Jack Zhang says:

Great video! Will try the drills! Thanks Matt!

Zachary Bouthillier says:

•Unrelated: I’d love to see the triple 💎 match up against OG Sim and Tsi3, last couple years big dogs

Jeremy Goff says:

It’s important to know that Matt’s issues are from coming super from the inside and being shallow, so he needs to get more steep and more neutral. Most amateurs that struggle with a slice don’t need to follow this drill

Todd Little says:

This swing change greatly reduces your hook miss, basically I see your face stable through the impact area for a longer period.
Look for improved consistency with less imparted side spin, good stuff

Bleda says:

Played this afternoon with the don't pull arm swing thought. Played my best round of the season by far, thanks for the tips!

Dan Pianki says:

Matt, I love your content. With this approach, how do you make sure you don’t get “stuck”? Seems like a surefire way to get stuck to me, but could just be my tendencies.

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