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In this video Ali shows you a really easy and simple way to generate more club head speed with your driver. In the first swing he picks up an incredible 7 mph, do you think you would like to do this? If so, enjoy the video.

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Aidan Oneill says:

Great, will give it a go. Thanks

Gavin Sendar says:

I got 1.51 smash once😎

Dylan Patterson says:

Reading the other comments. Increasing the backswing speed dosent only create more flex and increase speed, but it also get your muscles moving faster, earlier. It creates more potential energy at the tip of the back swing

313keiko1 says:

Sounds logical will give it a go

Marlon Haniff says:

This is dangerous. At the expense of speed, you will add arm tension which will do two negative things – you will leverage against your body and shift your club path and tense arms will slow you down. A smooth transition where the lower body starts the downswing is the key for picking up yardage. When you master that, you can then work on a quicker tempo WITHIN your matrix.

iGolf Worldwide says:

You’re taking the club back further with your faster backswing compared to the controlled slower backswing. It’s got nothing to do with the speed.

scott kosmo says:

Can't wait to give this a try

Mike Dorsey says:

This works! Cheers!

Christine Goulden says:

This is brilliant Ali, after what I was talking about on another of your videos, trying to be quicker with my swing. My speed is usually at the bottom and not through the back swing. So my speed starts at about 8 o clock position. Thank you.

Eburg Rod says:

Thank you!! Earlier this year a friend of mine kept saying that I needed to slow my backswing. It has screwed up my whole season going back and forth on this. Done listening to people I golf with! Find what works for you while seeking advice from these online pros. That’s what I’m sticking to from now on! 🙂

Robb Robb says:

Sahaja Im nails it with a slow back swing

marbella944 says:

Brilliant….just went to the driving range to practice this tip… then the golf course……Increased my driving distance and hit the ball straighter!!!!!!!!! Not having time to overthink on my backswing and playing more by feel has really helped ….Thank you

Chad Gregory says:

I wonder what your driver loft was on this and what actual driver. My 917 D3 face seems to massively lose distance on off center hits, like 20-30 yards massive….. with that club 100mph swing 8.75 loft x-stiff shaft std lie (old model pro v1x) getting an effective launch angle at 10* and backspin around 3200 i can carry 245 from the center of the sweet spot….

anyways the reason i mention that is, to the random youtube viewer watching this seeing his 108mph swing and wondering why its not a massively more carry…it could be down to the club face or spin or loft or effective launch angle…. I'd assume this video was intentionally made for the higher handicap players to see numbers closer to what they themselves produce, so they can also see what a change can produce, more in line with what they would experience. (or maybe the drugs have me thinking up some crazy things haha, can I know with a 108 swing your normal drive is way longer carry lol)

Jim Corporal says:

Please, get to the point.

Andy Mincer says:

At 83, this will tend to increase my turn a bit as well. I'll give it a rip. Thanks.

Dirk Gibbens says:

Of course it makes sense. Faster backswing loads (flexes) the shaft more in the transition which gives it more “whip” through impact. The trick is controlling the clubhead with the faster backswing. My contact is all over the place with a faster backswing so I stick with a slower one, give up some clubhead speed, but increase my smash factor from ~1.42 to ~1.48… so I get more efficiency (and also hit more fairways).

William Cox says:

Thanks ,I tried this today on a simulator and did pick up 7 mph. 89 to 96.A few mis hits but not out of control and a little balance issue.

Robert Mcconkey says:

Your getting out of breath🤭

C Goodson says:

This was very impressive & eye opening. The faster back swing wakes up the body, provides a better coil and probably a longer back swing. All this obviously creating more club speed for more distance. Your strikes were very consistent (& excellent) with 1.47 – 1.49 smash factor range so you increased in your speed with no loss in contact, a super efficient powerful swing is the end result.
Well done and thank you, I will be using this tip immediately & subscribing.

MidLifeBiker says:

Just watch Bryson…no slow back swing there…however rythum and timing have to be right.

Billy Beasley says:

I just seen you're video. I am a 60 year old golfer who has recently been struggling with a loss of yardage with all my clubs. I have been told for years to slow my backswing and I have been trying to do so lately. I think you found my lost yard. I picked up a club, made a faster backswing and immediately felt the difference. Im a new subscriber and fan

Perfect Execution Trading says:

Carry is the key factor not too many people get forty yards of roll – Bryson says he swings it as fast as he can on the backswing – will give this a try thanks Ali

Tim J Harris says:

I have experienced a rubber band effect when your quick backswing meets a lower body rotation start.

Top man says:

I'm not sure if it's worth the trade off as it could knock anyones natural rhythm out of sync. by swinging faster going back and causing other problems

March Forth says:

Nope! I don’t want more speed or distance so I stopped watching. LOL- kidding.

Tony Frostad says:

Yes IF you can hit the sweet spot everytime …….. slow and straight better than fast and ….where did it go ? good plan
I will try it though

John McBride says:

How do you explain Im's backswing at the Masters?

Ryan Esposito says:

This is absolutely true but as you mention, loss of control and accuracy is what get sacrificed. I used to be 113mph and loved the 300+ yard drives. Too often I was out of fairway with terrible shots in from rough if not out of play. I am now swinging at 95-98mph hitting 275-285 and still hitting short irons and wedges into the green. I am remarkably more accurate off the tee and my scores have come down. I may not reach many par 5's in two any more but I've taken my index from a -11 to an -8 with just this adjustment. The biggest change I made off the tee, by far, is slowing down my back swing and I wouldn't change that back.

Fernando Barbosa says:

Interesting. I had a practice session today with trackman and had a swing speed average of 95mph, carry average of 234 and overall distance of 255. So 20 yards run. How are you getting 30 yards of run?! Think I need a new driver

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