EFFORTLESS Speed With This SIMPLE Method – So Many Get This Wrong

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Creating more speed can help almost any golfer and creating effortless speed with this simple method is the easiest way to do it, unfortunately so many get this wrong.

Golfers trying to create more speed are often trying to do it incorrectly and end up lunging, rushing or throwing themselves at the golf ball in an attempt to gain speed. This method uses the natural weight and forces of the golf club to help propel it around your body with more speed giving you longer drives with less effort.

So if you want effortless speed in your golf swing try this method

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00:00 Don't Get This Wrong
00:49 How To Create Speed
01:18 Finger & Thumb Drill
03:17 One Arm Drill
05:13 The Full Swing

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Kevin Cranfield says:

I feel like I lunge forward when I am trying to control the low point of my iron swing

Steve Dean Magic says:

So simple yet not too many think of it like that , awesome content Chris

georgia may says:

I think you've planned my summer viewing for me … I have a "must watch again in 2022" folder.. filled with CR videos.. this one is going in now.

Scott Warner says:

That's a brilliant lesson.

jeff berger says:

Chris, what do you have to add to this easy iron swing, to ensure shaft lean at impact ?

J Chavez says:

Such an important tip, I still can’t get my buddies to understand how important that is.

Danny A says:

Very similar to the teachings of Paul Wilson and his body swing method.

TheSteelerider says:

Once I figured out golf is a game of speed vs power, it became a lot easier.

E Sine says:

Thank you. I have been struggling with hands and arms or more shoulders and body.

Marcus George says:

Hi Chris, a very well explained, simple tip. Thank you. 👍😎🇦🇺

System Optimizer says:

I very much agree with and highly advocate producing speed using the club's weight, momentum, and swinging of the arms as opposed to heaving and lunging with the body. However I sometimes see (and fall into the pitfall myself) of the body to start moving too little and the arm sliding up and down the chest with abduction occuring, the arms being too deep across the chest, and them having to add effort (and not having enough time to catch up) on the way down. Any tips or suggestions on how to swing with the clubs and arms while not abducting and loosing the width between hands/arms and the chest/head in the backswing, at the top, and during transition?

Golf Nut NZ says:

If it’s to do with the momentum from the weight of the club head, just think how fast you hit a ball with Thor’s hammer 😂
Thank you for another brilliant lesson Chris, very useful!

Claire Pearton says:

But half the teachers say shaft lean don’t release, which to do

Ben Jonson says:

I am a chronic lunger!!

David Walters says:

Excellent. Thanks Chris.

Roger Newton says:

Good one. 👍

John Schwartz says:

Excellent video Chris on how the design of a golf club causes it to work properly! I have been doing as you have suggested through a lighter grip, looser wrists and forearms! The club feels so much lighter and I can definitely feel the club head better. Thus, I am able to generate a lot more speed in my swing and hitting a lot more solid shots with both woods and irons. Always enjoy your videos! Keep up the good work!!

Interference says:

This is precisely why I'm considering buying a launch monitor like Swing caddie sc300i…anyone have any suggestions on which to get?

Mauro Varischetti says:

92 mph😮 with one hand…I’m 45, 69kg, 1.82m… and I have to make a lot of effort with two hands to create 90mph with my driver 😢, normally my speed is lower. I'm definitely not very fit but I think my problem is that my technique is wrong, I don't know what is wrong but given the results it is evident that I am wasting energy instead of transferring it to the club and then to the ball. Greetings from Italy

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