(Fast Tip) Improve Your Swing with Slow Mo Swings Drill

Please watch: “Golf: Fight Hitting the Ball Right! “
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQAUAKclq8A –~–
Trying to fix over the top or shanking problems in golf? Most players work to quick with their swings when trying to correct something which causes them to never gain a true feel for what is going on in their motion.

In all other sports and disciplines, all star caliber players slow their swings down as they work, but in golf I see people go faster and faster.

There is a time and place for speed, but if you're looking to fix your slice, cure the shanks and hit the draw you're looking for, you need to slow it down and get a feel for your motion!

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  1. Hey all! Thanks for watching! Would love to hear what's the shortest distance you can hit it with your 7 iron but still get it airborne and in the center of the club face!

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