First Match With My New Clubs vs The Best YouTube Golfer?

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Chris Miller says:

Best 5 seconds of You tube golf video, Peter watering a tree!!

David Tomsett says:

Are you using jumbo grips Pete?

Nick A says:

How many people thought he was going to say himself and they play with his old set?

Darren Macdonald says:

About 10 mins in, a better quote would have been “a divot the size of a Matt Fryer pan”



fradaja says:

Best golfer on YouTube with a poor shoulder turn

sebastian perryman says:

Good video
Build my bag

AdReNaLiNe9psn says:

This is how you do a modern course vlog. I miss the old vlogs but understand one of the reasons why you guys went away from them. The quality wasn’t up to your new standards.

But this was incredible. Had the old course vlog feel, banter etc, but was very well put together.


Evelyn Andy's says:

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Chris Ivany says:

Finch rattling clubs during Fryer's chip!!!! Classic. Just buddies playing golf. Always entertaining!!

jack jones says:

Old Man Pat wasn't there though?

Alan T says:

Beautiful little video. Chill, relax, good bit of banter without the ego that can sneak into other channels these days 😜

Luke Baker says:

Love the fact that its been 2/3 weeks since the video of you going to Titleist Woburn and you already have your new irons. I went 6/7 weeks ago and still waiting for my T100's and told me they were dispatched (not the case) – If only I had 440k+ subscribers – Titleist the number 1 manufacturer in golf still – Maybe I got the "2022 priority build"

Love the videos Pete, just having a rant lol

Micheál Healy says:

Rick would be so proud of those shouts on the 3rd tee.

Stephen Garner says:

Love the sponge bob refference

Khairul Aiman Radzi says:

How the hell does one get to putt as well as Friar?

David Tsolak says:

I am here for the banter, always.

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