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Here's my secret golf tip to fix and over the top swing and stop slicing instantly. No joke. I've had incredible success with this swing tip over the years and I know that it'll work for you too.

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An over the top golf swing is the most common swing flaw in golf. So many people have this type of swing yet so few ever fix it. This swing fault leads to pull slicing, pulling, pull hooking and even push slicing if the clubface is wide open.

This is caused because the great majority of players are trying to hit the ball from the top of the backswing solely with their arms. When they do, they lean forward in the downswing sending the club over the top.

In order to fix an over the top swing and stop slicing all you have to do is this secret tip I thought of many years ago. If you follow my direction, you can cure your slice, pulls and pull hooks instantly.

I wouldn't say it or show it to you if it didn't work. So please watch the tip. Follow it carefully and give it a try. Then post your success stories in the comments section so they can fix their over the top swing too.

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C Ross says:

This tip really works. As always, your tutorials are a goldmine for us amateur golfers.

Patrick Murphy says:

Absolutely love your tips but in particular this over the top secret tip. No slices or fades!

Question please – how does one transfer this tip to the golf course? What am I trying to do when I swing at the ball on the course? Look at something 6” behind the ball to aim for? Or practice with 2,000 or so practice swings using this tip (not trying to be facetious) ? Have played golf for 30 years and your tip just might help break that over the top problem.

Any advice is most appreciated – thank you!

J W says:

This drill is still excellent! 🙏

James Robertson says:

Mr Paul "Fire the Lower Body" Wilson ™

Jim Kolosowsky says:

Works as advertised. Thanks so much.

J. Cesar. says:

This works! Haven't sliced it in over a month!

Lee Tony says:

Great tips! I wish I had seen this video earlier. It took me months to fix my slice issue….and I kinda figured out the same method as this one at end.

J. Cesar. says:

Can't wait to try this 👍

Darren Barnes says:

Do you find the same positioning of the tee (6 inches behind) holds true for all other clubs/irons? Thanks much

Deepak Sakria says:

We don't have turfs to practice in my range can I draw sketch marker point in place of tee and practice ?? We have mats

ryan holden says:

It worked first try omg thank you straight down the middle absolute bomb thank you 😊

Kevin Quinn says:

Will this drill work for your irons?

Steve Atwood says:

Hello I like your tip for the driver. Does the same work for irons Having an issue with pulling my irons. Drivers works pretty good and dont generally will pull it.. thanks

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