FREE SPEED! World’s Longest Amatuer shows how to swing driver FASTER!

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Arvind Das says:

With the rise in inflation this game will go spiralling downwards !

Thomas Fraser says:

Please copy this and put it to good use as you play your round of golf

Directions for My 1 &1/2 second swing to a better lifetime of golf club. Is as follows:

1 For the backswing setting up to your ball take dead aim to the target with the dorsal back of your lead hand
2 Consciously relax your knees and slanted body as you place your chosen club perpendicular to your ball heading towards your intended target area and with both feet initially flat on the ground for even weight distribution
3 Initiate your backswing with your trail shoulder allowing your hands, arms , shoulders, hips, and knees to follow as your are consciously swinging your club up, over and around your trail shoulder.
4 Know also that reactively your lead heel will naturally lift off the ground and that thé degrees your knees, hips, and shoulders are to turn will be entirely dependent on you yourself and as to what degree your swing will need to achieve in any particular situation on the golf course.
5 For the downswing simply push your trail shoulder towards your intended target resulting in a reactive classic finish of your entire body with your trail heel off the ground and your lead foot flat on the ground.

I call this my Two Point Diagonal Golf Swing. And no one in the world has every taught this before. It is the easiest and most precise golf swing on the planet. Sincerely Thomas Fraser

David D says:

This was great info. Thanks to all.

gentle01 says:

Love the guy at 8:25 working on exactly what they are discussing not to do!

Henry Yang says:

12:02 is a very good conclusion , ty

Adolfo Zayas says:

His strike just sounds soooo different….so pure

Alex Starlow says:

Hello Brendon. I really enjoyed the Jan class with Dr Kwon that I attended and recommend everyone to consider attending one of his instructional classes.

I have a request, based on what Drew Cooper stated at the end of the video about hands have to be strong enough in order to have a fast/powerful swing. I also have heard, from various online golf resources, that a golf swing can only be as fast/powerful as you can brake. What exercises does Drew recommend so an aging golfer can extend the life of their swing speed? What exercises can be utilized to allow the energy from ground to grip me more efficient? How can you increase strength in hands to transmit it? Thank you !!

steve perry says:

7i how far, 210?

Jamie Sloan says:

Yep. Golf is much more dynamic, and athletic than people think. The weight that you feel in your legs, and feet are actually “braking” mechanisms, that keep you “centered”. Think about it…. As you sling the club back, you’ll feel pressure in your right foot, keeping you centered. That right foot braking force automatically sends the pressure to your left foot(this happens before you reach the top of your backswing). Then…. when your pressure is left, and the club is moving left, you’ll apply the brakes with your left foot(or leg). This dynamic motion provides tons of power, and if you can do it while staying “centered”, the strike will also be perfect. Great, great video. Love it.

wally says:

I'm sorry, but are you "none PGA pros" saying guys who swing like Hideki (slow backswing)have amateur swings? Seriously. I guess Hedeki needs to go to you guys to learn how to swing properly, lol, yeah okay.

donnie desano says:

Brendan is so damn demanding

donnie desano says:

Did Brendan become a pro? I mean the bucket hat has to go bro.

John Renock says:

Hate it when driver is in title and not in the video.

otom otom says:

Is Drew a Malaska or Bender type of golf swing?

TrevorK says:

7:39 I believe this is also how homerun hitters crush the ball.

Billy Graham says:

I am going to try this stuff out!!!

Nice video and this Drew fella explained very nicely.
Would be nice to see Brendan and Christo Garcia do a video together — I watch you guys’ videos more than any other golf training videos. (I watch Clay Ballard quite a bit, but I watch everything you guys put out.)

David Simmons says:

I'd be interested to learn more about how the energy goes from the ground to the grip/clubhead and ways to improve the translation (from a technical and possibly sequencing standpoint and not just by saying get stronger and more flexible).

Codex says:

One of the most impressive ball strikers on the planet, thanks guys

Top man says:

Worlds longest amateur!! where is this verified?

Carl T says:

Wow nice take away and tempo. So easy swing. Tnx bro.

Hedda 91 says:

At the end of the video there is a brief discussion of head and body sway off the ball during the backswing. While working on Dr Kwon's process, sometimes I find I come way off the ball. Traditional instructors have said the head needs to stay centered on the ball. Could you please do a video on this topic and how to shift so much pressure while keeping head centered. Thanks

1DCCX says:

A few years ago I started hitting 189 yard 7 irons (35 degree loft). Anyway, I was using an impact bag and had three stiff luggage straps attached to my left arm, left hip, left knee; and the other ends attached to a wall. I was drilling releasing my left side from my chin as fast as possible. I will try to find video of it.

The funny thing was I wouldn’t get the yardage every time when I took the feel from the drill into a full shot. It frustrated the hell out of me. I was focused on the side clearing and not much was changing. So a throughswing feel.

It was only when I replicated the feel of the power required and the coil from the straps on the backswing that I noticed a difference. But again, I was often coiling up slow and tight so it didn’t work all the time. So I left that drill alone.

This video is massive food for thought… I’m guessing when I had the straps on it needed a lot of energy created, especially p1 to p2, to make a backswing; so my force production was probably greater, then a few times I must have replicated that energy creation and other times not.

Something to work on.

Follow Media says:

kinda makes you wonder how much Hideki Matsuyama has left on the table with his ultra slow backswing

Stefan Coetzee says:

"On the green with the red flag" doesn't tell us how far it went.

MidLifeBiker says:

The average golfer doesnt have his strength or flexibility let alone timing and technique…inspirational though and a humble dude..

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