GM Golf – Slow Motion 2 Iron swing

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Hill Picon says:

I wished to find out about appropriate Golf swing and the , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) was the first guide I selected. They use crucial info such as your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to create a model perfect for you. The modules have been really helpful, allowing me to drop my handicap from a 22 to a 15 within the last year..

Mr P says:

I believe why he address his ball closer to his heel of his club face is because what you yourself mention is his early extension at the hip. When he extends early, his body has a tendency to pull on the club to prevent hitting on his toe which I believe is his misses and the reason why I know that is because I do the same exact thing

Thoriq Nazar says:

why isn't he on tour? so pure

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