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In this golf backswing tip, I'm showing you as simple way to learn the coil. This is vital if you want to hit longer and straighter shots with both irons and driver.

A lot of people have trouble coiling in the backswing which is costing them power and consistency in their shots. This can be due to being tight or moving the shoulders and body sideways as they go back. If this is you then you have to learn how to coil your shoulders into the backswing. This is simple so everyone should be able to get to 90 degrees as they go back.

In order to build a better backswing, you need to be thinking about the rotation of the shoulders. They are doing just that. They are rotating. They're not see sawing up and down as you go back. So watch this tip and give it a try. Once you do you will see how simple it is to get the shoulders to fully coil into the backswing. Once you do you will hit the ball so much longer and straight with driver and irons.

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Adam Mcintyre says:

Thanks Paul, I think I've been coming form the hips first and not my shoulders in the turn…. Does that even make sense??! Basically your video makes it look simple to get coiling and achieve what brought me here today.

John Isaacs says:

Ah! I've been quantifying my turn using my hips rather than shoulders. This explains some of my inconsistencies. Thanks, Paul.

Ahmad Johari says:

Tq coach.. I starting playing golf 2005. 3 coach I take, still cannot go. Just one week see your vedio. Now I can play golf very heppy. Tq coach

John Gibbons says:

So simple and effortless and explained so well….love these tips Paul….thank you great job

Jeetinder Bahia says:

Question to Paul – I bought your swing machine golf dvd a few years back – just wanted to check: is the bodyswing dvd basically the same instruction? I assume it will be the same philosophy (ie effortless swing, powerless arms etc) but are the teachings/drills the same as well?

Phillip Sudds says:

Paul, This video is extremely helpful for coiling. Do you have to manually move your head or does it move on its own during the coil?

John Taylor says:

Paul, I’m blind in my left eye, when I get to 90 degrees I lose sight of the ball. Any suggestions?

Duncan McDermott says:

Couldn't agree more with these guys. Content & coaching brilliant. Very helpful for someone struggling to get to grips with this game. Many thanks.

Northern Guy says:

I have been playing golf for approx 5 years and this single golf tip has changed my game, I took what I learned in this video to the range and I was shocked how easy and far I can hit the golf ball. I even had someone watch my swing and comment how great it looked, that has never happened to me before. This was the first time I truely enjoyed the driving range, I normally leave the range tired and sweating, not today. Thank you for the video

john Mooney says:

Paul fantastic videos! I have a 90 degree shoulder turn but I don’t feel any coil. I think I may overturn my hips or my knee straightens but I have no resistance to get back to the ball therefore I come over the top to square it up. Any ideas? Thanks!

Rezz E says:

Ok'd absolute true believer. 4 handicap at 66. 225 top drive prior to following you. Gradually increasing now 240 —–but only when I make the right shift and rotate. Some times I shift too much or shift to little. Any drills to get the "slight" shift and proper rotation of hips… Thanks for all the help. Shooting age in site.

Tony Hauser says:

I agree, And this may be the best tip I ever got because that is what I am struggling with

John Johur says:

Shoulder rotation or flexibility isnt the problem. Its impatience and the brain that are causing a shorter backswing once the brain sees the white ball.

Harshad Mody says:

Hi Paul
Great video. So when I go for the back swing with all my clubs it is circular motion. Right.
And downswing is also circular not a sea saw. Please advice.
Thanks all the clubs including pitching wedge.

Riley says:

I could use some pointers on how to keep my lead arm in a reasonably straight position with the hinge while coiling as you instructed. Great videos!

Gary Satterfield says:

Nice tip Paul……I think my problem is sometimes I know I can turn 90 degrees just standing there but when it comes time to actually swing and hit the ball the anticipation of hitting the ball prevents me from completing my backswing…… obviously a mental thing

peter saika says:

Having a "blast " thanks Paul. Am I right in thinking, if you chunk, slice, push, whatever your arms get out of synch with your body? You also dont need to move as fast as you think to get solid distance increase.

Peter says:

Great tip showing how simple the shoulder coil is to execute. Thanks.

Fairuz Hasran says:

I wud like to thank u paul for all ur videos…u help me a lot in my game…i really enjoy my game nowadays…thank u so much…really appreciate it😁…all the best to u

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