Golf Drill to Get More Club Head Speed!

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Using The Pro can really help you generate a lot more club head speed and hit the ball farther then ever. With just a simple drill you can get more distance in 5 minutes. Try out The Pro golf training at the link below and see how your game can improve.

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Carl Joseph says:

In this one video Dan explains the 'secret sauce' of the golf swing. The accelerate and decelerate concept is akin to 'hitting against a firm left side.' It is the pro's way of explaining a braking feeling as they come into the ball, pausing the legs and allowing the hands to catch up. If you simply allow the legs to keep driving from the top, your hands will never catch up and you'll lose clubhead speed. Note that Dan says the wrists need to be 'limp.' It only works when you allow the swing momentum to cock your wrists at the top. There can be no interference from the hands or wrists, they are passive and go along for the ride. I bought A PRO a few months back and it's awesome! Dan is a fantastic teacher along with Mike Bender are the two best out there, teaching similar concepts of the swing…i.e. 'THE TRUTH.' Dan is very technical in the way he explains things and being an Engineer I love that. Great stuff! Mickey Wright also believed in this concept along with Bobby Jones, but they called it 'cracking the whip.'

Robert Sullivan says:

I never understood that the purpose of pushing the ground and getting on your toes is to slow the hands down. I will give it a try later today.

Ian Tweedie says:

Very helpful Dan! Thanks a lot. To those who haven’t really got it yet (like myself) there is I think almost an optical illusion in that it looks like the lead arm and the club are being swung TOGETHER all the way through the hit to the finish at the same speed whereas you have explained that is not really what is happening

LbutchJ says:

Like how you explain the physics of the golf swing! Awesome!

Tim Horan says:

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