GOLF: How To Find Your Perfect Golf Swing Tempo

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How To Find Your Perfect Golf Swing Tempo

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Joseph Jolly says:

Thanks for the video, I will definitely work on this at the rage.

xboneless says:

Guy to the right really needs to listen to you lol

Scott Rose says:

Love the fact that the guy in the background needed a smoke break.

Montgomery Reyes says:


mikez21044 says:

A very good explanation about tempo which I didn't have a good understand until watching this excellent video. Can't wait to try it on the range! Thank you Eric!

Paul Dowdy, MD says:

Great video! Thank you:)

Kenny Narzikul says:

Awesome video. I tend to get too fast in the downswing transition which leads to a lot of bad things. Side note every single shot you hit always sounds so crispy, seems like you never even hit the mat

Sam Watson says:

Brilliant information, my swing was all over the place last week too slow on the back swing and quick in transition, I found this video and it changed my whole perception of my swing, hit the ball so pure today , can't thank you for this enough

Alan L. Jones says:

Eric. Which video did you 1st mention "the forehead against the wall" and "the count from one to four for takeaway tempo"? Thank you

Tom Diamond says:

You need to fix that dude in the white T shirt in the background on the range – he really needs your help Eric!

Andre Venter says:

Very well illustrated!!!😊😊thank you!!

Joe Mannella says:

I needed this Eric. My tempo was messed up last week, and was really frustrated. I'm sure these tips will help.

La La says:

Brilliant drill, I love this. Shame the guy behind you in the grey t-shirt didn’t pay any attention

NellyS Adventure says:

Great Video!! I am trying to work on getting my lower body to lower and timed with my swing I'll try this tomorrow and let you know how it goes! I've been looving your videos mate. Thank you for answering my question on the live session 🙂

adrian lovett says:

really informative explains the jargon .

Salvatore San juan says:

Hi Eric,

The "one speed back and through" is magic. It has improved my ball striking tremendously. Thanks! I use it for half shots of irons and even full shots of hybrids.

One question though – is this also the same for the driver? The problem with the driver is I have this insane need to hit it 110% all the time. When I pull it out of the bag – it has to go MAXIMUM distance.

Should I also have this one speed thing for the driver?

Rickie Winkler says:

Hey Eric I've been thinking lately about the elbows. Starting them close to the body. Mainly using the right elbow as a anchor or Pivot Point? For consistency. I've been curious your thoughts on this

Peter Reynolds says:

Great video

johnny b says:

Thank you so much for this video. It has helped me a lot over the last week. Both in practice and play, I realize I was rushing my swing. Many thanks for all your help as usual!!!!

brocklanders1984 says:

Does anyone know of a lower cost alternative to live view? My corona bank account can’t handle 340USD but my practise needs something like this!

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