Golf Lessons – Ideal tempo for your golf swing

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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Players will often comment to me that they feel they are swinging the club too fast and thus they are hitting poor shots. It is extremely rare that a golfer will move the club too fast as this would mean the ball is going too far and I never get players tell me that.

The reality is that players often confuse a fast swing with one that is out of sequence and thus they have a less than ideal swing tempo. These players will typically try to generate too much speed with their arms and do not allow the entire body to contribute to generating club head speed. So the transition from back swing to downswing is incorrect and that produces the feeling of swinging too fast.

In this video I explain some simple drills and swing keys that you can use to create your ideal swing tempo, better balance and longer golf shots.

Now that you have developed the ideal tempo for your golf swing, you may want to consider ensuring you make more solid contact on your fairway shots. To learn how to hit the ball before the ground every time check out this video

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Oscar C says:

Slow tempo will give you a better chance of a full backswing? I do not think so.

Brian T. Carter says:

Thx 4 the detailed answer Derek. I need to work on this a lot more than I talk about it?. I know that when I use the 'bumping left hip' swing thought, my body gets ahead of my hands and I hit it right and /or slice, but definitely hit it farther then just using the 'hands drop from the top' swing thought. So I suppose I have to find some combo that works.

Brian T. Carter says:

Hi Derek, if you could please clarify how you initiate the downswing that would be helpful. In another video you spoke of letting the arms drop to initiate the downswing and then having the body bring the arms through. But this video seems to contradict that. What is a good trigger to initiate the downswing? Thank you for the great videos.

Shawn Aza says:

great and easy to understand tips. thank you

Colin Day says:

Derek that's fine with a full backswing but like myself in advancing years and limited movement I cannot get the club fully back.So how do you achieve that tempo without a full swing ?

jodyreid236 says:

great advice thank you

Ryan Harkin says:

Working my way through your videos, they're very instructional and easy to understand for a beginner like myself. Thank you for the uploads.

bill barry says:

Unbelievable. I will definitely get in touch. That part of town is my old stomping grounds, you're going to love it. Welcome to Houston.

bill barry says:

Derek: You and Josh Zander are the two best golf instructors on YouTube. Josh explains the technical aspects of Golf and you help me put them into practice. Keep up the good work. Houston, Texas.

Heidi Tuttle says:

great info sir, I took a few years off and recently got back into the game , I love your simple non complicated instruction… Keep up the great work!!!!!

Andrew Ferguson says:

Good video Derek, thanks!! I'm a new to the game, 3 years, 18 handicapper and have started a destructive freezing over the ball over past 2 mths! My tempo has therefore gone to pot of late, and can physically feel myself tensing up before every shot, but especially off the tee! I've tried every trick going, every trigger going, and no matter when I say I'm going at this or that point, I just can't pull that bloody trigger so to speak!! Most shots I'll stare at the ball like a freak for 12+ seconds before I finally start back, and the result is what most tense shots produce!! I waggle, I've tried it all, but alas not much help!!
Any help or guidance would be much appreciated, because I love this game..

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