Golf shaft flex tested with slow driver golf swing. What golf shaft flex will work for your golf swing with the driver swinging at a slower speed. Shaft flex and matching it to the speed of your golf swing has been chatted about for years and is stuff of golf legend and myth. Watch as the guys hit drives using different golf shafts swinging the driver at a slower speed to show what difference they can really make to your golf tee shots. Let us know in the comments what shaft your play from a regular flex to a stiff of even x stiff and let us know why and how you picked the golf shaft you have in your driver. Also on the comments below let us know what driver club head speed you have and if you have found shaft has helped you control your golf swing.

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  1. I like marks vids and content but my only issue is he doesn’t play a stock shaft. When he was with titelist he had an upgraded shaft

  2. Wow I’m exactly the same. Left footed. Left handed. But play golf right handed and tennis both. Snooker left handed. Cricket right handed. Throw left handed. Prefer to catch right handed. I’m a mess. Hahab

  3. I can only just about hit my normal right handed shots as good as that. But from the patterns on the face, the spin rates, and club head speed you're hitting like a 74 year old 22 handicapper who did once (12 years ago at 13 handicap) know how to play golf.

  4. Dude. If you really want to help us meer mortals, you should work out how to improve your left-handed swing. How can you get that 185yd carry up to 270yds? Work that out and you'll really have some insight to share.

  5. Ive being working on my speed. Use to swing nice and easy, which is about 92 mph. Im at 105 to 107 now and i have a 43 gram stuff shaft just to give me a bit more speed and reduce the fatique factor.

  6. I recently bought a Cobra F8 with an Aldila 2knv Blue 60g Stiff, replacing my 2011 TM Burner Superfast with a 48g Regular. I still slice the ball, but i like the feel of the heavier shaft. I feel regardless of shaft, a path that's out to in and a face that is open will have the same result with either shaft. The TM felt too light, always has. Do you believe that a shaft that is too stiff will go to the right more? Because i haven't noticed a difference, a slice is still a slice and strike matters.

  7. Love the idea of this test. Gotta have a course vlog as a lefty now though, maybe a Christmas special? I've had a few drivers over the years from Ping Anser (stiff) to Nike Covert 2.0 (Regular) then TM R5 draw bias (Regular) for £30 from a mate, love it. But have to admit I wanted to experiment a bit so purchased a TM R11s Driver (Stiff) and 2 TM R11s 4 woods (Regular and Senior A flex) from ebay for around £150 total. After testing the standard longer driver shaft it went in the bin and the 4 wood senior A flex shaft is in the driver. Best feeling driver I've ever had, to me at least. I'm around 5'9" and the shorter shaft gives so much more confidence, distance is still there, dispersion is good and I don't feel I'll push the drive low right as I can often feel with a stiff shaft.

  8. Mark are you referring amateur to senior golfer because I am not pro but I can hit my 5 iron the distance you hit left hand driver mate. Interesting stuff though brave you played left handed man.

  9. Agreed on final comments if all you've got is what you've got get out there and play there's more to this game than what bats your swinging.

    However you picked a shaft if there was no difference and it didn't make a difference then how could you have a preference?

    Also a separate question and really not the point of this vid however, feel aside as that can't be quantified and can be gotten used to, if all shafts and heads are within small percentages of each other why do you advocate getting fitted at all rather than just buying the first set you find on the shelf?

    Fyi I'm all for pro fitting both heads and shafts however I am in the shafts and heads do make a difference camp.

  10. Curious if you've tried the superspeed golf system or why you haven't if not. I know you added more shoulder turn to increase your distances and wondered why you wouldn't try an overspeed training method. Nothing to do with this video necessarily, but the left handed swing made me think of it.

  11. I swinging a Titleist TS 3 55 x stiff and I agree that shafts are over analyze yet the club head looks as if it has less loft and I have a 10.5 at address.

  12. Picking up on the comment about fatigue, I'd like to see a test to discover where that point is for you Mark. How many shots in a 'typical' practice scenario (smashing balls at the range) can someone play before the law of diminishing returns (or even negative returns) kicks in? Are we doing more harm to our swings than good by bashing buckets and buckets of balls? Would we be better hitting 30 balls at 100% capability in a focused session instead?

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