Golf Swing Impact Sequence Pump Drill For Speed and Contact

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Golf swing sequence pump drill for more speed and better ball striking. In this golf lesson, you will see Alex Fortey demonstrate the preset pump drill. and get a simple golf

He also encourages better contact, swing series for more power consistency and lower scores, ball striking and free-flowing swing speed. Just by improving the golf swing sequence you can achieve all of these things. Really at the end of the day, all that matters in your golf swing is how well you can repeat a good impact position that your body allows naturally. it should not be forceful or unnatural.

This preset pump drill can do just that. Come and learn more and see our resources to help you increase your distances, improve consistency and lower golf scores here


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James Jackman says:

Thanks, great drill, just tried it for a short time, but I have trouble integrating shorter drills into a full or 3/4 shot. Any ideas?

klliou says:

I am afraid this may make me concentrate too much on my hands instead of my body turn…

Ben Randall says:

Thanks I will try this next time I practice

A A says:

Excellent; will be trying this today.

Golden Gate says:

This is good … most pump drills are from the top of the back swing .. but this emphasizes the release … good timing .. I need this …

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