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Do you have a fast backswing tempo? You shouldn't. I say this because it is so simple to slow down your backswing. I know you've tried everything and nothing has worked but this is different and it's simple.

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The problem with a fast backswing is that it will tighten your arms as you go back. You will never have an effortless looking golf swing and you will get quick on the way down causing thin and bladed shots.

Watch this tip and learn how to slow down you backswing. You can do this at home in practice swings or you can do it at the range. You can even do it when you play. In fact, it would be a great idea to do it as you play because once you fix your fast backswing you will see how much better you hit the ball.

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Birdie Maker says:

Why do I feel like you are talking to kindergarteners



joesemo says:

Thanks – I like, A – B – C . I actually hit two balls, right on top of the ball, and it bounced right into my face and realized my tempo was way to fast, and it felt like a hammer coming directly down onto a nail. Slowed my tempo and came through the ball no problem.

herbie4u2009 says:

Something i am trying to learn. i use the acronym wait then accelerate! Kinda same as what you are saying to do. I am learning by doing this you will hit your clubs more consistently and have greater distance. Used to think, wind up and swing as hard as you can and hit it like a baseball bat! This made more inconsistent and duffed shots and less distance! Thanks Paul for confirming how i am to hit the golf ball. One additional thing that is kinda important i might add is swing path. Imagine in your minds eye the path on the backswing you want your club to take. Mostly that's about it! Thanks again Paul!

Ghost5.7 says:

Slowing down and shortening my backswing has to be the hardest change I've had to try to implement in my 1yr playing. It just felt so weird to me…but now that I'm a bit more experienced, it has become a lot easier, helps shorten my overswing, and it helps me with control.

Adji Karya says:

Do I have to use that same tempo from driver to short iron ?

Dave N5CU says:

I use Ernie Elles as my count

Janak Patel says:

Great tip,i had very good round following this tip throughout my round very satisfying round

Ghost5.7 says:

I'm gonna try saying "Do-not-chunk"

Gotchu Garrosh says:

Dear Paul, thank you so much for this seemingly "simple advice", which made me finally find "my rhythym" in my swing!!! I appreciate your short video lessons very much and am thinking that your unique way of teaching makes you very special and precious here on you tube. The clips and topics you pick up for us often come along with lots of explanation, which beautifully fills all the gaps in my knowledge about the background of what I do or should do in golf. Many thanks from northern Germany, Carola

harrydean bentzel says:

Like the Monkees sang… I'm a believer

Keith Hundt says:

I got your videos when you first introduced them. Have been following your for years. You have helped take 10 strokes off my score. I think you were a pioneer in online instruction. Not that Im saying you're old or anything. Ha

Chris Tuohy says:

Cin- dy-Crawford works very well for me.

Todd O says:

Makes it look so easy, darn him…

Greg SMITH says:

Great Drill Paul! Question about your grip video lesson. When you say to put your left hand with the thumb facing down the shaft then to shift the thumb to about 1 o' clock, do I shift my entire hand or just move my thumb? May sound like a dumb question but there seems to be a slight difference in feel between doing either one of them. Thanks!

Fat-Shot Golf says:

I'll be trying this Paul. I've found when I get excited I speed up, and it all goes pear shaped 😖

Gar Pursley says:

Good tip, thanks ! 🙂

Brian Foster says:

Paul I just found your page about a month ago. So wish you were in Dallas! I’ve gained so much from your channel and have been using this tempo tip the last month, I found a prior tip of yours a way back. I’ve gained easily 5 strokes per round just being more conscious of not rushing. Also for those who haven’t watched the “L” drill this simple tip totally transformed my swing. Up until watching the tempo and L drill videos I was struggling with fat shots. Now I’m hitting my irons flush and pure almost every time. Thank you Paul! Would love to see more putting tips, I’m trying to stay on the pro side 🤪

Rudy Zooti says:

Was it Bagger Vance that said “Super fluid”?

jims4030 says:

That's good to "remember", especially in the early parts of our seson after a winter layoff. My backswing is usually slow after a couple times in the spring…….sometimes even slower, lik 1-2-3 back and 4 down

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