Golf Tempo: How To Get That Smooth Swing

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Golf Tempo: How To Get That Smooth Swing

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One of the things that I have always been know for is great tempo. This tip explains how I got it many years ago.

Once you understand how I got it just do what I did. I also provide another drill you can do when you hit golf balls or even when you play.

Smooth tempo is important to building a great swing. You do fast swing and you might be too quick in the downswing causing all sorts of miss hits. So slowing down and getting the smooth looks will give you way more time in transition and better timing.

Watch this tempo tip and remember to do this in the future and in no time you will have great swing tempo too.

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Andri Kristianto says:

This is exactly what I love about your instruction Paul. Nothing too complicated, everything is so simple and practical. Not too many swing thoughts or theory. What more important is, some of your instructions reallly change my game . You are number 1 coach for me.

Eggs Mann says:

2:22 😂 so simply true … makes me laugh too !

BLM Proud says:

Great video Paul. Thank you and success always!

th3dudeabides1 says:

I love it! How did I get such great tempo! I copied it from a golf who had great tempo!

Vaidyanath Swamy says:

Wil-SonPaul Excellent advice!

Michael Strauss says:

For my tempo I’m going to say hotdog bun as I swing

myPhDinAwesomeness says:

Hi Paul, can you record a video of you shooting 10 shots in a row with irons? So i have something to watch before going to bed

Tempo tempo

Love from Manila!!!

Filip Stoj says:

Recently hurt my inner right arm by rage arm-swinging and hitting the ground before the ball, and knew I had to re-learn my entire golf game. I quickly found myself here, and have watched over 20 of your tips now – I can't wait to start (un)wrapping my mind around this. Thanks Paul!

Steve zzz Zzz says:

The address reminds me of Manny della torre

masonotp332 says:

I like to watch Ernie Els swing videos before I go and play a round.. it really helps me swing easy and make solid contact plus the ball goes farther/straighter

Jim Sumner says:

Found it on the senior tee box

Mario E Bejar says:

Good one Paul, i will try it. Thanks

terry hyland says:

Thanks Paul. I play off a ten handicap and over the past year or so I had totally forgotten about tempo and was hitting it all over the place. Having seen this video last week I went out today and used the 1, 2 3 and all of a sudden my contact was so much better and the ball went straighter and further. I have now put a note in the phone to remind me about tempo.

PT Phillips says:

Love this tip. I have a one syllable word I usually use on the way down, but it ain’t nice. “S..t”..

MattMJF says:

Excellent yet simple video demonstration concept of developing a repeatable swing. I have see a lot golf videos and Paul Wilson is the best thing going on YouTube for learning/refining the golf swing.

Anders Gunee says:

Great instruction! And the nice story behind as well !!!!

Steven John says:

I agree I’m totally on board with Paul’s instruction simply the best.

Gurjit Singh says:

I couldn’t agree more with Erik. I am extremely satisfied with the lessons of Paul Wilson

Erik Ferreira says:

I’ve watched all your videos over and over trying to find that swing. Finally I understand the feeling you are talking about, a LITERAL effortless swing. I can’t describe how genuinely satisfied I am, this is the swing I’ve been Chasing for months and it finally all clicked. Just wanted to say that you are without a doubt the best golf coach on YouTube with a swing that every golfer should strive for pain free and genuinely effortless. Thank you so much, I never comment on anything on YouTube but I couldn’t go without leaving a thank you.

Jose manuel Lopez says:

Hi Paul, still gaming SL a clubs from Sterling?

Silver Fox says:

Great video Paul. I have an old saying, " The harder you try, the shorter they fly. The easier you swing, the louder the ping."

Dennis Baird says:

I heard the phrase “back – and – through” (2 + 1 syllables) before but I lost it somewhere along the way. Your video inspired me to bring it back again. That phrase reminds me to swing through the ball instead of at it.

Adam Harrysson says:

Hey. I have been watching your chanel for a bit. My iron play has in massivly. Thanks

Tony Davis says:

My 2 syllable and 1 syllable words are normally “hol-y sh*t”

R Roy says:

Paul…I love your instructions. They are so practical and do work. Thank you for the same.

Ted Terrific says:

Great tip and I've used it a lot. Any time I can swing the club back to the ball at the same speed as the back swing i can almost guarantee a great result. I get in trouble when I try to swing much harder from the top.

matsfreedom says:

Before every tee time, I watch an 8 minute video of Fred Couples hitting balls. It really helps.

donnie830017 says:

Great advice! I am in Vegas and would like to see about a lesson from you. You do a great job with these videos. Thank you

Sandra P says:

Another great golfing tip Paul .. Thank you.

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