He Gained 20 YARDS in 10 Minutes | Speed & Distance Training w/ Martin Borgmeier

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I'm showcasing Golf Driving Technique & Drills to hit it faster and ultimately longer.
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The 82-year-old guy is Noah Pudelko, check him out on Instagram: pudel04

Edit by @Steve Long
Filmed by Philipp Eibl


Mack Walsh says:

Martin, I watch a TON of YouTube videos and this is my first substantial commentary to a clip. Love your approach, and whole heartedly agree with the point you make about components not translating universally. While some will be more impactful, others can potentially be counterproductive based on many variables in our journey for individual speed and distance gains, much like the use of shafts in a driver. Fundamentally all the components have merit but our swings are so different from a baseline perspective that we get there via different customized paths. REALLY Enjoyed this and can not wait to implement some of your advice here.

Carson Mitchell says:

I have similar club and ball speed numbers to Noah & I took the “elevate yourself” advice to the course today. Hit driver with my only swing thought being “get height/vertical” and I could not miss the center of the face. For the first time, it felt like I was playing offense with the driver instead of defense. I felt the counter force at play on the downswing as well. I have to go to a monitor to check data, but never felt so explosive over the ball. Thanks a ton for these videos. I’ve never gotten formal lessons, so these videos offer a ton of insight I never had access too👏

Hopefully, it was not just a one day fix!😂

thomas kaufmann says:

Super Video!!!
Wäre spannend zu sehen, ob dies auch mit einem Ösi funktioniert… München ist ja nicht aus der Welt 👍🏻

Gary Elliott says:

Here's a challenge for you. How far do you think you can push the limits of this 62yo. I'd love to see how much increase we could go!

derberkerl says:

Martin – we are proud of you where you came from in such a relatively short time. Trust the process, hard work and a dream. Keep the good content coming. We live in the Munich area – bring my 6 year old son on the show – has been playing for 2,5 years – that would be awesome thanks !

Fabian Moser says:

I would be a great reason for me to get a new driver 😉 greetings from Munich 🙂

Facundo Pramparo says:

Great video. I love golf and I live in DFW area and would like to be on a video like this. I used to have a 105mph swing speed, now I can barely swing at 97mph. I'd like to start speed training sessions but not sure where/how? I offer myself for a completely transformation project where you teach me what to do and I do it for a month and then we see the increase in swing speed / ball speed. What do you think?

TJ Morales says:

How much does shaft CPM and weight play into gaining a few MPH CHS?

vegasgolf25 says:

I have noticed my "reserve" has gotten better by doing these drills at home and on the range. I do not know my exact numbers but I can tell a difference on course. I'd love to be in one of these training videos to learn numbers and get more in depth on the science behind all of this. Thanks for all the information and fun content.

Martin K says:

I finally broke through! Rested from golf for 12 days. Swing speed jumped by 6-7 mph from 115ish to 122ish. I went at it hard for a couple of months with 3-5 sessions a week and was stuck on a plateau. Rest for a long time made the breach, now the sky is the limit. 😁

Tobias Brühl says:

I`d love to join you for a speed + disctance training session. I´m the guy who recorded your very first (offical) record at the 1st German Longdrive at Cologne GC in 2018.
CS 146.3 BS 241.0 Total 422.4 yds. Keep up the great work Martin! One day you will be #1 in the world!

damian handley says:

Love the content Martin. I have just completed a 8 week speed training program and just wondered what you would recommend to maintain the gains I've seen. Thanks 👍

Jonathan Mundy says:

Martin, you fabulous legend! I LOVE watching your vids. I find them so inspiring but also with small practical nuggets of wisdom that I can try for myself. I'm looking to gain as much speed as I can handle on course so I can get bragging rights amongst my golf buddies and shoot much lower scores 🤣

David B. says:

hey Martin, I'm a short middle aged man who drives it 210m and needs another 20m, based not far from Münchener Golf Club e.V

Charlie Fowler says:

Martin is an excellent coach. Taking a different approach to coaching is crucial to creating better performance. love it!

Brian Murray says:

If you want to up the female viewers you might need Hogan on the channel 😂. Be cool sometime in the future you do a Collab with Bry Roberts

jason newstead says:

Awesome content. Thanks for putting out such useful stuff!! After every video I can’t wait to get to the range

TheBaker521 says:

Great content Martin! Tried this with my mizuno 3Wood as its pretty consistent with 155-160 ball speed, within 4 hits, I smashed 168 as well as the 3 wood head into the range.. some would say it was successful.

Henne#Biceps says:

Martin, geile Videos zum Thema swing speed! Aktuell bin ich bei 120mph (Trackman) und will Richtung 135mph in den nächsten Monaten, damit Green Eagle Nord von Weiß mal endlich unter par gespielt werden kann 🙂 Grüße aus dem Norden

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