History You Can Feel

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MarcusGL says:

Stupid question guys – is it possible for visitors from abroad to visit the Augusta National Club or only strict entry for members ?

Nathan Aguiar says:

Where will Tiger’s history plaque end up being? One has to think at #16 to commemorate his famous chip in 2005.

Vonik says:

I’m so excited for the Masters this year I can’t wait. TIGER CAN DO IT!! If Not I HOPE JUSTIN THOMAS TAKES THE WIN!!

Gary Tarr says:

My over riding desire is to see the misogynistic , whorefuckin liar Woods fail to qualify !!!!

No Name says:

Have you ever wondered why they call it the "Masters"

Anthony Krepps says:

Such an amazing course as a local boy, it's always breath taking and I get excited to see the commercials every year and even more excited about the week.

bobby emery says:

Let’s go Phil!!!

Rhett Kraljevic says:

Man I'm so freakin' excited to watch this. Time could not go any slower this week could it? The excitement is just building up inside my chest while watching this video! Go Tiger, Rory and Bubba!

George Toman says:

Go Tiger. #15

Tomas Zelinger says:

Oh yeah first comment

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