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Q: “My iron shots dive into ground and I don’t hit them as far compared to my woods & driver”
I get asked this question a lot.
I will explain why this happens and show you a simple drill to help you fix your impact.
Once your impact is fixed, you will gain club head speed, gain steeper angle of attack into the ball. This will help you hit the ball higher, which will increase chances of gaining carry distance!
Your iron distance will catch up to rest of your clubs!

I hope you enjoy!

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Filmed at our beautiful Upland Hills CC

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S. D. says:

LOL gotta love her

mabblers says:

So you're not focused on the hitting the ball at all, but 6 inches ahead?

Mariah Amboragang says:

Great Aimee…this lesson help.a.lot

JHALAK Gurung says:

Aiming infront of the ball works pretty good for me. Many thanks mate.

Ron Mullard says:

I already hit my irons high(generally) but have lost considerable distance and consequentially am struggling with "very" inconsistent distances which ruin my total score results…

Bonnie Arnold says:

just catching this video on irons. Been struggling to be consistent, gain accuracy and distance. Just did this drill in backyard with small baggie of sand (didn't have play doh) and I can really feel the difference in my contact and weight shift. Love your videos, I really connect with them! Thanks for all the tips Aimee.

Anthony Roberts says:

Brilliant video, simple to understand. thanks Aimee

GS Kwon says:

Thank you Aimee,
I wonder that why I'm so similar distance from iron #7~9 and Pitching iron too.
I'm one of beginner. Thanks again.

Mike Kelly says:

Excellent teacher !

Bluejeans says:

I follow many YouTube golf instructors but I have discovered your explanations/demonstrations are excellent and easy for me to grasp and comprehend. Thank you so much.👍

alex zeyue says:

Can it be apply to driver ?

Dale Millard says:

Thanks, Aimee that looks like a tip that should really help. Love watching your instruction videos.

Leslie Quinn says:

Thank you this will improve me a lot I am very thankful for this channel!!!!

Marti Williams says:

Great help – thanks

MrBleedk says:

Hi Amy, I thought u were supposed to come shallow into the ball???

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