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Zachary S Brennan says:

What do you feel is the #1 cause for hooking your irons? Down swing, grip, ??? I was trying to apply your previous video on letting the club drop then turn the corner. I couldn’t get the feeling and hooked my entire bucket of balls with my 5 iron. Help!

Chad Noswal says:

i will say this about this video: I have been a plus handicap for 25 years and 'thought' I knew most all there was to know about the golf swing. I have played tournament golf, taught lessons, read books, and practiced day after day for decades. I now realize, I know nothing. This is truly an eye opener and I am soaking up every work Mike says. Thank you for this video and the others. This is absolutely a life changer.

gatesmw50 says:

At 13:17 a light just went on after what Mike just demonstrated .

Mike Greene says:

Bing! Light Bulb moment video

TheNameYahuwah says:

Long Drive champions, …are pretty tense when they hit, ….it seems like Pro coaches, just say things, …to say them.

Carlo Laput says:

His the jordan peterson of Golf!

Michael Reppa says:

Terrific lesson. A must watch to understand speed vs. efficiency . Thanks for this Brendon and Mike!

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

SLOW down your backswing or you will loose power because it will be lost behind you.

Nescafe Shorts says:

Be Better Golf: I've scoured youtube and watched face-on slow motion videos of the best players and they all turn and "slide". From Grant Waite to Rory McIlroy they all slide and quite a bit. However, I do believe your right on the tension in the shoulders.

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