How To Coil In Golf Backswing – Simple Trick

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How To Coil In Golf Backswing

When you starting to coil into your back swing, you want your head to move a few inches. Pros and better players do this, its because this created the first axis in swing around; your head, body and back leg. The only way you can create this first axis is to move your head as you coil back.

When you move your head, it also helps with distance. Loading more weight onto your back leg helps you to shift weight when hitting the golf ball. So I came up with this idea for when you go into your back swing. If you close one of your eyes, then you have to move your head.

If you don't move your head you will be able to see the golf ball with both eyes, but you close the front eye, your head will remain still and this is the dreaded reverse pivot. Do this and you will hit pulls and pull slices. If you want to sure these shots, you need to start moving your head into the backswing. and this will help get that inside out swing path to hit straight shots.

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zatoichi 1970 says:

this man is genius

aswortmann says:

Paul, can you provide any more info on this? Maybe another video? I'm right handed, left eye dominate. I've struggled with fat shots forever. I'm 45 and never knew this played a part in golf!!! Just hit a few shots with my left eye closed and man did it feel weird…..but, i made solid contact.

Terry T says:

Very few people are cross dominant – R handed, Left eye dominant. About 1% of the population and over 50% of MLB players. Mickelson is right handed, left eye dominant. No idea how many golfers "switch" hit to get the dominant eye forward.

David Paulin says:

Paul you are on the money. I am guilty of looking at my takeaway and as a result my head tilts forward like you described. BTW reverse pivot isnt good for your lower back.

Jerry Macias says:

Paul. Question is this why Jack Nicklaus turned his head to the right to get his dominate left eye where his right eye would be… because I feel like I coil better in the back swing when I rotate my dormice eye left back to the right start of the swing….. great Video man thanks

Bill Hill says:

Paul, at the start of the downswing do you feel like you are pushing off the ground with your right foot?

Chaz Seymour says:

Fascinating…thanks Paul

Mike Christensen says:

Yet another amazing video. Given the covid world we live in, curious if you offer swing analysis / review virtually via V1 or other app?


This tip was mind blowing. I never knew my eye dependency. The issue i have is because of my big shoulders when I coil back it feels like its blocking my vision.

Adam Rivera says:

Just saved my golf game! Thank you

Philip Chan says:

How do you determine if I am right or left eye dominant?

Steve Jones says:

Thank you. I've been golfing for 25 years and that's the first time anybody has told me that.

Bonnie S says:

I went to the range today and either continued to hit the ground first (I'm working on your "feel the heel" tip !) or top it. Another golfer stopped by and offered that he noticed I was completely locking up/straightening my back leg on the backswing. I had an eye opener after watching this tip as I think I have a reverse pivot and am leaning my body/head forward vs. slightly backward. I watched this, stood up and just checked my backswing and then changed my body/head lean as you did in this video and really felt a difference. I think it will help me to not lock up my back leg on the backswing…will give it a try ! Thank you

Raymond Pate says:

I enjoy everyone of your lessons

MrDogfish83 says:

It boggles my mind why instructors don't ever touch on why so-called bad tips are given. For example, "keep your head still/down" is usually for guys who just raise their head out of their shot. Why not mention that?

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