How To Increase Your Clubhead Speed: How You're Gripping The Club Is Killing Your Distances

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How to increase your clubhead speed with this simple golf tip

We at the Art of Simple Golf deliver you another very simple golf tip that when you put into practice will give you instant results.

Too many of you are killing your chances of longer distances by how you are gripping the golf club. But the good news is a simple golf swing tip that will give you more freedom and speed in your golf swing.

How You Hold The Club is Killing Your Accuracy and Distance…

But there's an instant simple golf fix!

In this video you will learn why this mistake hurts your golf swing and causes inconsistencies and low swing speeds.

When you fix the common error with the simple fix, right away you will… Instantly Get You More Distance With Every Club
Actually Help You Play More Consistently…

Stop Your Slices. It's World Long Drive Champions And Weekend
Warriors Alike Instant, Effortless Yards.

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Alex Fortey

The Art of Simple Golf


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William Brinnier says:

This is an excellent tip, Hogan-ish

GALA Tolik says:

Hi, Alex: would kicking the right elbow forward in the downswing change the distance between the elbows at setup, that is suggested be constant? Thnks!

patrick kennedy says:

if you want too go long  GRIP the club  STRONG , your tip is WRONG WRONG WRONG

Aleksi Körkkö says:

Does this work with irons too? Because I feel like if I hit irons like this my wrists will collapse as soon the club touches the ground

poptillidrop says:

Only just seen this and I agree 100% with you and Denny Law below. One tip I would like to add is that you must learn to look at the ball until impact. This hand to eye coordination is much neglected. Most high handicappers are too stiff and I guarantee if you ask them when they last remember seeing the ball it will be half way through their downswing. I sussed this after couple of years and stopped having lessons. 1) Relax 2) Swing Club to top and point it at target 3) Keep eye on ball. All swing theory is left behind. SERIOUSLY!!! Happy Golfing.

Poor no More says:

Like this guy, he doesn’t half sound like Justin Rose when he talks too

ADC L says:

you can only do that movement if you cup your wrist, most of coach ask people to keep your wrist flat or slightly bow, but i find this way to lose club at speed

Larry Sullivan says:

This video explains a lot for me. I am inconsistent in the LENGTH of my drives. Accuracy is fine. However, I believe about 50% of the time i'm TRYING to set the wrists, instead of them setting themselves. When/if the weather improves in upstate NY I will try this drill. Thank you !

Jan Sztukowski says:

Hard co re sex

Jan Sztukowski says:

Hard co re sex

italpeel says:

I always used to have a vice like grip in my golf swing, thinking I would hit it further.Since I started holding the club lightly with a soft grip,almost as if I'm going to lose the club I'm actually hitting it a good 30 yards further

John Edgar says:

Very good tip, but when I want to keep it low, I firm up my wrists at impact.

T W says:

Any pro worth his salt should be teaching this from the start. Great video, thanks!

Colin Watson says:

Hi Alex, another great golf lesson. I've worked on this and it has simplified and increased my drives, some holes I've dropped back to a 3wood. It has also helped in that I come away from a round without the nagging soreness in my shoulders. Thanks again!! Colin

Albany Fx says:

How does looser grip help slice? How any tips how to make better contact whipping the club? I grip I club tight so I can control the face more, when I create more lag I whip the club much fast but I tend to miss hit.

therealrick913 says:

I noticed that when I try to make my wrists and hands soft, my wrist gets in more of a cupped position at the top of the backswing. Is that okay? Or should i try to make my wrist flat? Thanks!

Charlie Davis says:

Do this if you WANT a snap hook!! look at the pros, they're forearm muscles are flexed as if they are squeezing the life out of some one, then they turn their body left and smash the ball.

orkayen says:

Simple explanation, Alex. I am going to try it this week. Please clarify where the club head is. It appears that the ball is just off-of the left heel. Is the club head at the center of the stance or just back of the ball?

Lou Palumbo says:

The problem is that if you have a bad grip, suppleness in the wrists are going to lead to even worse strikes. The hands still have to stay connected and hold on to the club.

Jim Benjamin says:

Alex, I hope people take this tip seriously. A week ago I was struggling with distance off the tee, only able to hit my driver about 215. I'm a big guy, 6'2", 340 and am 69 yrs old. I felt like I had no "freedom" in my swing. I decided to loosen everything up. I lightened my grip on the club to where I was almost dropping it. This made my wrists and arms relax and I hit two drives about 270, even with my 3/4, arthritic back swing.

Thomas Fraser says:

Excellent! As I see on your video you allowed the the proper dorsi flexion of your right hand. This was easy for you to achieve during the back swing by pushing back your right shoulder while rotating your left arm clockwise a quarter of the way and allowing the right arm to bend with the elbow pointing towards the right hip. Am I right? On your downswing transition you initially moved your left elbow approximately 2 inches from you chin which allowed gravity on you arms to drop the club into that perfect spot while at the same time you propelled your club forward using the power of your right hip and knee. Correct?

Ricardo Basalo says:

Excellent video, but your comment that setting the wrists early is a shure bet to cast the club is pure nonsense

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