How to Load the Trail Foot in the Golf Swing

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Learn how to load the trail foot in the golf swing with this simple golf lesson from Todd Kolb!

Learn more about the VERTICAL LINE GOLF SWING Here:

Here’s something probably no one is telling you:

You can get incredible distance without the dramatic body rotation.

No more strain on your lower back. No more snapping the hips. No more ibuprofen.

What’s the secret?

Side-to-side motion (golf sway vs golf pivot).

Yep, it’s that simple. But you’ve got to do it the right way.

If no one has taught you how to load your trail foot on the backswing, you’re missing out on major distance (and maybe feeling a little off balance, too).

That ends today.

You’re about to discover new power in your golf swing and add 10, 15, even 30 yards to your drive.

If you lack distance, this trail foot golf swing lesson will show you how to load the golf swing with this simple golf sway fix drill. When most amateur golfers make their golf pivot, they create golf sway when trying to hit the ball farther. Instead, learning how to load the trail foot will give you more speed, longer distance and better contact!

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Spencer Jones says:

Thanks for the tips, Birmingham, Al



Safwans says:

I've applied your instruction in this video.. really works for me, thank you for amazing video

3 Putt says:

I have a divot board and tried this maybe 15 times unsuccessfully. All I accomplished is grounding out behind the ball every time. In other words fat shots.

3 Putt says:

I have absolutely no idea what you mean by releasing the trail leg. I understand not shifting your weight to the outside of the trail leg. However I have no idea what you mean about releasing my leg. Please explain.

Jeroen de jong says:

Bad tips. Head not quiet. Weight should stay on the left White irons. When center moves to the right making you dependent on timing

Robert Mazzarachio says:

Awesome video Todd and your crystal clear instructions are second to NONE , I appreciate all your videos and instructions , while I may not be ready for the Masters 🤣 you have helped me improve very grateful 👍👍

Norman Hall says:

Love yor tutorials, 74 from Sun City Center, Fl

Doug Picciano says:

Todd – you say to release the back leg/knee – do you mean to straighten it?

Cordell Hadeed says:

Amazing Coach and thanks!!!!!!

I would admit that I am a sucker to swaying 20% of my game. I know when I sway my left knee (lefty player) buckles and get spaghetti like.

Recently I've been flaring out my feet, and making sure my both knees are sturdy and my posture is athletic. If.
I love your illustration of the belt buckle, it blew me away.

No golf tomorrow 😢 but hopefully Tuesday and I'll test out the buckle on the range.

I also want to say many thanks for all your videos.

God bless you and everyone 🙏 on this wonderful channel.

james carter says:

This is one of my top problems I think. Thanks for the tips.. Nashville Tennessee.

Alan Goudie says:

I watched the video twice to make sure I understood all the vital points.
Would it be worthwhile to put a golf ball on the outside of the back foot to
make sure your pressure goes onto the inside of that foot?
I hope this will give me some extra distance.
Thank you Todd.

Tim Schwan says:

Thanks Todd! Very helpful. Will give this a try and like the drill. I have so many “swing thoughts” going through my head that I feel all tied up at times. Need to get back to a few basics.

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