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Here are the links I was talking about for grip and wrists:
The video for Bow vs Hinge for wrists:

The human machine is so well designed for performing this awesome loading and releasing of the wrists; you will absolutely love the burst of speed you can generate from this important lever!!
If you are a golfer in need of extra power, especially for women and Seniors, this is a must see and must do video!

From Shawn Clement, Canadian PGA Class A, with a specialty in Teaching and several nominations for Ontario Teacher of the year. Top 6 instructional Youtube Channel as per and top 10 most searched teachers as per
Weekly contributor to Golf WRX and on the teaching staff at Golfing World, an IMG company.
Also a top 50 teacher for’s Swing Index

Here are some great life long teachers and coaches who can help you attain your next level in golf:
Your's Truly, Shawn Clement
Naples Florida:
John Carroll
Stuart Florida:
Frank McChrystal
Williamsburg Virginia:
Richard Rice
Frederick MD Washigton DC area:
Ricky Serrano
Dallas area:
Cody Vanderford
San Antonio:
David Ogrin-Texas Open Champion 1996
North Chicago-Milwaukee
Derrick Sands
Huntsville Alabama area
Travis Lauterbach
Minneapolis area
Nick Johnson
Toronto GTA
Paul Davies and Donna Norman
My Man Edouard Montaz!
New location in Buffalo New-York!
Mark Schraven
OHIO-Tim Ford- official Titleist Fitter now Wisdom in Golf Instructor!
UK: Adam Gray-
Ritter Lott-Rock Creek Golf Club Fairhope AL 251 928 4223
Ritchie Bath Golf Warehouse Christchurch

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Chris Amici says:

With the wrist action in mind, do you still feel that more grip pressure is better?

Murray Ball says:

Hey Shawn , been following your instructions for a long time , thanks . in this vid you're left hand grip looks neutral and aligned with the club face Square, can you confirm this ? i use a strong grip but then need to twist around at address to get club face square , is that okay ??

BA Williams says:

Would appreciate your thoughts on “grip size” and any pos/neg effects on ability to release, hinge and create speed etc. I am right between grip sizes and opted for the larger size grips. I really like it on my driver but wondering if maybe I should have went with the smaller size on my irons. I mean,I feel like I could cast a fishing rod with more hinge and speed than I could with a baseball bat. Thoughts?

nurul kahir says:

Other trainer / coach should learn from you shawn

Francis Shouse says:

Nice tip! Tried it out picked up 25 yards with 5 and 3 woods. Didn’t gain but 10 with irons but they went way higher

Ken Royal says:

Shawn, the basic reminders of things learned, along with the added, new tips, help a lot. When I struggle, I think cutting grass, and dandelions! Can't forget the wrists. Now, just need a memory to go along with all. Looking forward to the shorter swing lesson. Thanks.

John H says:

I love my True Knit shoes as well. I wore them on a Viking Ocean Cruise and always get compliments on them. Thanks for the suggestion. Also use the Sunscreen product you recommended.

555Trout says:

This certainly is one way to do things. Though it is not what the masters of the game did

jcombs2266 says:

Mr. Clement, you are absolutely amazing! You have an incredible ability to communicate and teach. Bravo my friend!

Frank Mollegaard says:

I'm amazed at how much distance you get compared to me (my 7i is only 150 off the t) and your back swing goes no farther back than mine. Yours in this video looks like not much past 9oclock definitely not more than 10 and yet you pound your 7i 185 which I'd love to be able to do. Maybe I'm not doing as well as I think lol.

Frank Mollegaard says:

Would that shot tracker you are using work in my basement? I'm hitting balls off a practice mat into a net and it would be nice if I could see the "shot" lol. Right now I just go by feel and guess work and strive for a good release and effortless power. The shot tracker would add a lot to everything. As always great video and I'm getting more consistent and shooting lower scores thanks to your teachings 🙂

macleryy says:

Deserved Blue print!!!! Cool!!! Enjoy them ????

stryker2828 says:

Shawn, with the right palm facing more skywards, will the clubface be too open?

Franklin Bishop says:

Shawn. How does work for a left handed golfer that is right hand dominant. Yes I know about your other videos but speaking to this specifically

mattmain3 says:

I like the freedom this gives in the full swing, but how does this transition to the short game? Chipping pitching, especially putting it seems like using free wrists like this is discouraged / not used, more steering as we would say. Does wrist use increase speed/distance but reduce accuracy? Visa versa seemingly not using wrists reduce speed but does that increase accuracy? Just trying to find one "swing" that can apply everywhere, full shots, short game, even putting

Danny Lirette says:

Everything seems to be right hand right arm dominant. Fifty years ago I was taught that it was the left side that controlled the swing for right handed golfers. What gives?

HachiZenki says:

Exactly what Mike Austin was trying to teach people to do…. Don't drag it, don't pull it, don't push it. Let it fly.

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