I trained like PHIL Mickelson and GAINED 9mph BALL SPEED. GOLF

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I talked to THE expert in GROUND REACTION FORCE, Dr. Scott Lynn and this is where he says the xtra speed is coming from


kbkesq says:

Have you tried just lower loft on driver? Even a degree can add some ball speed and scrub off 200-500 spin. The longest driver on tour hits a relatively low ball. But you can hit up on it with those setting and get great numbers.

tdaveniii says:

I'm thinking that radar is not very accurate. Am I alone?

BluezFan91 says:

So funny to come across this tonight. I have been working on this too. First I was doing the stomp to just feel the ground and exaggerate. It’s forced me to really get on my right side more. First it felt like I was swaying but once I got used to it I felt way more powerful and effortless. Been hitting it a lot further just focusing on smoother shift. Looking forward to hitting balls tmrw toying around with a jumping type feeling. I feel like I’ve been doing something similar since I’m sure my body lowers trying to feel pressure from the ground. My body probably has been just naturally popping back up.

David Burlingame says:

Here is more info on ground reaction force in a shaky amateur video. Good luck with your speed gains. https://youtu.be/W-_F6Gbuu4I?t=108

Shawn Grinstead says:

I love the shoes.

Pure Couples says:

Phil uses illegal equipment , that is why he 'gains' 15 yds every year.

Kevin says:

lol @ over $100 ya right

wågens says:

this works for irons as well amiright?

Scott Winegar says:

Went to the range and incorporated the squat and jump and picked up about a half club in distance and higher peak height. Thank you.

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