Improve Driving Distance Without Increasing Swing Speed

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TPI co-founders Dave Phillips and Dr. Greg Rose share how you can increase distance off the tee by optimizing launch conditions.


hbyrdut says:

Can you hit up too much? When I've been fitted the fitter wants me to tee it lower but my numbers are always better teed high. Having said that I have hit up as much as 10 degrees but I get good distance for my swing speed and I hit 60 percent of the fairways so I don't really want to change.

Jim Eathorne says:

Great stuff guys! I worked with you back in the early days of TPI, and have not had a better golfing experience since! At that time you fitted me with a 7.5 degree driver in an effort to get my spin down, I now play with an 11 degree driver have lowered my spin but still struggle with swing speed and spin. I spent all last year winter working on swing speed training to increase driver distance to very little avail. This was the best explanation I have heard about other ways to reduce spin. I'm looking forward to trying it out at my next practice session!

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