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Here we have a look at how you can better manage club head speed through impact.


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Glenn Watson says:

I knowthe club head should accelerate through impact. You are saying the club head should be moving the fastest just after impact? I guess that makes sense.

Garry Hartley says:

Peter – you're social media icons on the right of video at the end show Twitter as @PFGolfPro same as Periscope at the bottom but I think you are @PeterFinchGolf on Twitter ??? Great videos BTW

Naing Lin Aung says:

Are you in Sydney?? Wow great video!

Frank Contreras says:

Great tip brother!

Malcolm A. says:

Hi Peter,
Another great tip / drill to add to my training manual.
Many thanks as always

Stephen Morgan says:

Great tip PF – added 4mph on club head speed!

Trawlerfly says:

Thanks!! I took this as my swing thought today and had my best round in months (net 63) I knew I'd been stabbing at the ball before, but this tip 'clicked' in my head and I could actually apply it. More fairways hit and longer too. Cheers bud!

Golf Geek says:

Thanks for this tip Pete I'm currently working hard for this ?

Gamer_HD272 says:

when is the monday night golf show coming back?

Jake Hinton says:

How do you draw the club head path as I would love to see if my work on correcting my over the top swing is working?

kf says:

Good video Pete. I really like the overlay of both videos to see the angle. I am struggling with enough lag for power and watching your wrist position is helpful but the video goes so fast that if you do another one in the future, please try and give it some slow mo as that would help me out! Thanks!

Jun Hao Ong says:

does this apply to the other clubs, i.e. irons, hybrids and woods?

Jimithing0209 says:

Hey Pete! It seems that I don't have a speed problem with my driver but with my irons! Any suggestions?

LeGut says:

Great tips! I'll try not to rush down at the ball and see what happens… 🙂
I've increased my driving distance and improved accuracy by placing a reference on the ground (like a "buried" tee) about 10 cm after the ball a bit to the right of the plane to than aim that reference as my target when going for it. It made me start to hit much more from the inside (causing the ball to draw, easily) and apparently added about 20-30 yards to my carry distance.

Adam Grym says:

Another great, not overly "technical" and yet very constructive instruction on driving Peter! And from your new location, am guessing! I've still been working on getting rid of my old habits and that is exactly what you're talking about, rushing the down swing and not distributing club speed properly! It happens but not consistently! I've made a little progress though and you're "responsible" for that Peter! Many thanks! ps. I will surprise you one day and pay you a visit in hopes of getting an additional , good adjustments, so to speak! 🙂

Elias Omar Sana says:

Great instruction video Mr. Finch. Very well explained.

cliverkay says:

Another way is to grip the club at the head end and swing the club and listen where the swoosh occurs.. should be after the ball….

Wasim Ali says:

pete is their any age category for the tournament

Christian Gleave says:

Good. So….

1badduc996 says:

Really good tip. I noticed this when I got a swing byte analyzer last year and saw my speed reached its peak about 2 feet before the ball and slowed down typically 3 mph at impact. Took a week of practice to fix it but was well worth it. I gained about 10 yards on my drives.

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