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j michael says:

A grip pressure of 2 will further increase your distance. Try it and see.
My irons sizzle and my woods scream like a banshee.

David Baker says:

I hate to throw a differing opinion in here but the fact is that I fully respect this method of teaching but It doesn't work for me. I usually start off with a pressure of around 3 and then it probably tightens to about a 5 by time it reaches the ball. I am a longer than average hitter all the way through the bag. If I really clamp down with the grip, my swing speed goes down and release becomes labored. Obviously the club should be secure in there but if you're popping blood vessels and getting hernias holding on, I have no idea how you can release the club.

wael shami says:

I don't agree. A lot of manipulation is required in the release with a strong grip pressure. I reckon a softer grip has better control and a much better feel.


I don't even feel the club in my hands when I swing… It's just as easy as standing up…

David Montague says:

i would like to hear Shawn's response to the many comments and opinions given here, since the interpretations vary greatly.

Ted Himburg says:

I always heard grip it like you were holding a baby bird… I went with a much firmer grip after watching this video. Had my best 3) rounds of the year over the 4th of July long weekend. Shots were longer and dispersion was much tighter. Not 1 huge Hook and/or Slice off the tee all 3) Rounds. Thank you!

Carlos says:

Shawn, thanks for the video. In my case, it helped a great deal. With a slightly firmer grip I'm able to control the club face better. Results: better accuracy and distance. It's about optimimum pressure at different points of the swing. And everyone has to experiment with what works best for him or her.

BrushyMtnGolfer says:

I have started clamping down hard and I'm hitting the ball so much more solidly. It makes a totally different sound coming off the club face. Especially on the shorter irons.

Julio Bultron says:

I experimented with this earlier today and it ABSOLUTELY had POSITIVE results. Thank you so much! I was doing the opposite, trying to have a relaxed grip pressure, never realizing that it was affecting my distance and accuracy negatively. I know my next 18 is going to see more fairways and GIRs, thanks Shawn!

Joao Neto says:

just a few thoughts: 1- grip pressure is not wrist tension, the grip pressure is on the fingers… 2- grip pressure at address is not the same grip pressure at the moment of impact.

walter says:

So I just went to the range this morning to put the experiment to the test. Medium grip pressure throughout swing compared to medium grip pressure until just before ball contact then super high grip pressure in the left hand. HUGE difference in contact quality and distance when you grip the crap out of it just before contact. No contest.

Liz Lei says:

Love the teaching Shawn! But I couldn't really see the left hand side of the screen – just saw lovely blue sky!

walter says:

Shawn, perhaps you could suggest some exercises people can do to strengthen their grip without tensing their forearms. I know of another PGA instructor who says the same thing as this video, strong grip loose forearms.

walter says:

For all you naysayers, do you remember a guy by the name of Greg Norman. Probably one of the longest drivers of the golf ball of his time. Some company in the technical end of the golf business tested his grip pressure by installing pressure sensors in his grips. What they found was that during his address/backswing/ and for most of his downswing his grip pressure was fairly light, but just before he made contact with the ball his grip spiked unbelievably high. The researchers couldn't believe how his grip was so high at ball contact. I don't recall what the psi readings were as this was probably 20 years ago or so. I'm sure if they did the same tests today with Rory or DJ or a few of the other big hitters they would find the same.

9tube1 says:

I’m sorry but this goes against everything I’ve ever learned about the golf swing for over 50 years. As a former hockey player, I would never have a death grip on my stick when taking a slap shot and especially not a wrist shot.
In golf, flexibility has been a key element in every shot, from driving to putting. Imagine trying to lob a shot over a trap to a tight pin with a death grip. I’m sorry, you’ve lost me.

Golpher Guy says:

Cam of the screen does not cut it.

Tom Donnelly says:

First time I’ve heard someone advocate increasing grip pressure to increase distance. If you can get greater distance with a 10 out of 10 (as hard as you can) grip pressure, you must have discovered a way to tighten your hand muscles without tightening your arm muscles. I wonder how many of us “civilians” have that ability.

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