Jack Nicklaus 2011 Masters ceremonial opening tee shot with Arnold Palmer

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msufandan says:

keep pressing 4.

Tom Cooke says:

First… Ooooh.

Team K says:

Those TEE SHOTS sounded really good.

Matthew Cooke says:



I lived to see these great players as I was growing up and it brings tears
to my eyes….Thanks for the memories Arnold and Jack!!

Dan M. says:

I can watch that fist pump over and over again

Scott McAllister says:

True but those guys are absolute legends.

JLTRAIN233 says:

I love this moment! It’s just so awesome seeing the legends of golf tee off
to start the Masters!

anwealde says:

you know you’re done playing competitive golf when the crowd laughs and
gives you the that-so-cute! clap after the shot

Ben Steele says:

two biggest sickest guys in the game. I cant wait for when tiger and phil
are honorary starters

Sean Mulvihill says:

Tiger & Phil have won 7, Palmer & Nicklaus have won 10 plus Tiger and Phil
still have time left to accumulate more wins. And nowadays the competition
is better. Tiger & Phil have won 112 PGA events. Tiger and phil have
designed quite a few courses and I’m sure when they retire they will do
much more. It’s kind of hard to design courses when you’re on the PGA.. I’m
not taking anything away from Arnie and Jack but I think Tiger is right up
there with them. And wht about Hogan, Jones, and Hagen?

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