Jordan Spieth’s Collapse 12th Hole (All Shots) – The Masters 2016

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Vince McMahon says:

That pause on the tee shot was BAD

Aspennut34 says:

Is this the 2016 of 2017 Masters? Heyoooooo ZING

Eric Gamboa says:

he should've just hit it to the bunker on the first shot.. yeah it's probably fixed

DanielSong39 says:

Nice up and down from the bunker.

ECWnWWF says:

Is the Masters fixed? that can only explain this…

jakethemuss3 says:

How can a pro golfer do this? That is not a terribly difficult hole. Spieth will win more tournaments, and maybe a few more Majors, but he will never be one of the Greats. Tiger, Nicklaus, Hogan etc would have never blown up on a hole like this in the final round of a Major.

WIleyCubScout says:

So fidgety my god. Kevin Na worked on that and he's much better. Jordan takes like 8 waggles a shot.

da hulk says:

I like jordan but just hate that he takes forever to hit a shot and his caddy looks like a dick I know you trying to win but enjoy that shit while you're playing

Iva Boss says:


jongallin2323 says:

I loved it. he didn't deserve to be in the record books with nicklaus and woods. play 15 years and dominate. then go back to back kid. until then, check your ego in the water hahahahaha

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