Malaska Golf // How Your Right Arm Works Through Impact – The Single Most Important Position in Golf

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The single most important position in golf is impact. I get a lot of students who can point out flaws in their swing at every position, but when it comes to understanding impact position many students are at a loss. When you know how your right arm is supposed to work and how it lines up with the club shaft as you work through the ball, the other positions become less critical.

Build your swing from impact and back. There are two great SKILL PATHWAYS series at that deal specifically with this concept: STRENGTHENING IMPACT and FEELING CENTER FACE HITS.

You can become a member at FREE for 14 days when you sign up as a monthly subscriber. Take a look at these Skill Pathways. Follow The M-System. Learn step by step and build the skills you need to become a complete player.

Don't just play golf. Understand it.


Garry Marker says:

Been watching your videos fir years and this finally gave me that ah ha moment. Iโ€™m going to be working on the impact feeling all winter and am 100% sure next spring to see some great results on my ball striking.

Clive Rose says:

We all make golf more complicated than it needs to be! Thanks for straightening things out Mike.

CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

I find something odd with my swing. If i release the club my trail forearm gets over the lead and I snap the ball, if I donโ€™t release I get a slice. Is the trail arm supposed to stay under the lead?

Dominique Paultre says:

Thanks Mike. I have lost many years trying to realise a swing which was not for my body.

Thomas Fraser says:

Mike is right. We can swing our club anyway back we wish to as long as we simultaneously crunch and turn specifically with our trail side muscles obliques. Our trail obliques must be active at impact. Period!

Simply think what I have coined The Trail Side Obliques Crunch & Turn Golf Swing At Impact
And you will be happy with your swing. Cheers

Chon Jung says:

Please explain: "if your body moves towards the ball, you will not be able to reach impact"…

Albany Fx says:

Can you make a video or just explain more about 0:38 align your right arm with the shaft at impact.

Jose Rocha says:

This man is undoubtedly the best i have known since 2000 teaching in a very simple way but never ignoring the main details.
From Portugal thank you very much.

MrBrekss says:

Love the content. What's weird to me is that when I go home from the driving range and I go on YouTube and the 1st thing I see is one of Mr. Malaska's videos and somehow he talks about what I was struggling with at the range.

Jerry Macias says:

My only question is why the teaching pros not teach this years ago….. man no quit this game 7 years ago… I am picking up my sticks again… Thank You Sir

Ian Tweedie says:

Pros as gifted as Mike can easily manipulate the club from anywhere and still hit fantastic shots!

Randolph Snyder says:

My question , is it common that the right side hand ,arm ,etc slows down a right handers swing speed ?
I can swing faster with just my left side than my right side by as as much as 10 mph with a wedge.

DunnGolfing says:

1k likes ๐Ÿ‘ I hit it ๐Ÿ‘

Ryan Kelley says:

Easily my favorite golf instructor on youtube.

Joanne Webb says:

Mike, have you ever tried addressing the ball at the impact position?

Tri Le says:

Wish I had this video when I started golf. It's fine I can start again right now.

Barnstable Commons says:

OK, so how does my right arm work through impact?

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