Malaska Golf // Where Does Speed Come From – Full Swing Speed Generator

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This year at the PGA Show I was honored to give 5 presentations on various topics. The first one, and one that the industry seems torn over, is about where you can generate more speed in your golf swing. Yes, there are many types of golf swings out there, and yes, what you see from the Pros is often on the most extreme edge of what an amateur can do, but if you want to play consistently and hit the ball a considerable distance I think you need to understand how the levers work in your golf swing.

Don't just play golf. Understand it.

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Guss Ximenez says:

Wow, easiest explanation, right on target. No blah blah blah no tararadum… Just the info exactly needed. Thanks Mr Malaska.

leif-thore lindberg says:

I like Mike and he is a really good teacher, but 260 carry in the begining on tis video with that swing.? Give me a brake …Do someone really belive the numbers, not only him , a lot of youtube teachers say they carry the ball. Real nonsens. Spare me …

Corey Peterson says:

Hilarious!!! Great vid for the lesson on speed but mostly for the comedy!!!

mlandau2776 says:

Interesting. And sad that you can hit it 245 on one foot, but I can’t carry more than 220 using everything i got.

I suck at golf says:

I agree with what you are saying and I've been fighting this my whole life as well with listening to coaches and books, BUT when you show us your swing facing the camera, it still looks like you are crossing over your right hand OVER the left at contact. Is this an illusion? Or am I not understanding what you are saying?

Peter Martinaitis says:

Couldn't agree more especially when you see golfers hit the ball 250 yards off their knees.

Dean Hughes says:

Best teacher on the planet

Brian Brinegar says:

Excellent video – thank you

fred ciaramella says:

watched episode 2 first it was great iam a older golfer 63 lost a lot of distance this makes so much sense . thanks

A.G. Bourgeois says:

Those test swings are not going 240-260 Mike – come on…. no way

kitkatcats says:

I think the overuse of body movement also can lead to back pain.

kitkatcats says:

Right to the point with good examples. Thank you

Ian Tweedie says:

Great video Mike! Have you done other videos covering the remainder of your presentations? Thanks Regards Ian Inverness Scotland
PS Have now managed to locate what I want to view!

John C says:

Guys a genius.

stickgs says:

Great lesson Mike!! What are some good drills to work on proper lever system with hands, wrists, arms and shoulders? Thanks for all your excellent coaching here on YouTube!! Please keep up the fantastic information sir. -Greg

zatoichi 1970 says:

superb explanation

John McG says:

Mike absolutely brilliant.

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