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Having trouble with 3 footers? Wondering if there is a shortcut to mastering short putts? I will show you a fantastic drill to help you perfect your putting!

Filmed at our beautiful Upland Hills CC

I hope you enjoy!
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Abe Hahn says:

Thanks ill try this

lovetogolf says:

Interesting! Great Idea Thank God this is my strong point in my game 150 and in I get nervous because of a decent drive..I need Mental toughness from 150..Thx Aimee

Ben Jonson says:

Love the photobomber.

Sophie FSun says:

super !Thanks!

Cr8ive Amboy77 says:

Practice with purpose.. good drills. Thanks. Putting definitely is an art, a game within a game with so many nuances.. would u also incorporate the funnel, fallline, slope, grain direction and apex in this excellent drill.. I add "temporal" elements & ball mark rotation observation as well

Rohit Das says:

That was a seriously good lesson! Thank you Aimee.

Lam Kim An says:

Great lesson, as usual.

Robert Chen says:

I have watched almost all of Aimee's golf videos and I would rate them as a package as being the top notch youtube golf instruction videos available on the net. As a senior and prior to watching Aimee's videos, I hurt my left knee when I experimented with body turning to get more driving distance. Aimee's reviews of the basic swings showed me how I hurt myself. I have now adapted my swing to her instructions and I am now able to get more distance without hurting my left knee. Her videos on the exercises to develop flexibility of body and to develop muscles to better my swing were unique and truly beneficial. I sincerely thank her for her videos.

My swing will not be as beautiful as Ainee's, but she had really helped me get the proper mechanics of creating the needed club head speed to clear typical t-off water hazards without hurting myself.

As a male senior, I was first amazed at how the LPGA ladies being only 1.5 to 1.6 meters tall could drive the ball 240+ yards. Young men with incorrect swing but with a lot of playing experience could drive that distance because of the natural strength of the man's body. As a senior, I realize that watching how top lady golfers play would be my only hope. These top golfing ladies have to have all the essential aspects of their swing perfect in order to drive the ball 240+ without hurting their bodies. Aimee's videos were comprehensive in presenting all the necessary mechanics to show how LPGA ladies can drive and hit the ball so far.

I thank Aimee again.

e james says:

they say that the tempo should be the same but I'm trying to figure out how that works. …for a 20 footer to have the same tempo as a 5 footer. Tempo is a metronome so…….oh, ok. The 20 footer stroke is longer but it's also the putterhead is moving faster so it gets back to contact on the same beat because the 5 footer is moving slower.

Compt Tech says:

@GolfwithAimee Thank you Aimee. Will you marry me? ? You are so cute and you could teach me the finer points of golf.

Will Zhu says:

Can you do a video about a high pitch, because I have a tournament today,so I need to go in 19 minutes, thank you!

Harish Pandeya says:

Awesome videos Aimee. Appreciate your skill, knowledge and teaching talent.

Hornet Gaming says:

you are awesome Aimee, i have learnt alot from you! =)

Cassie Henke says:

Thanks Aimee! My putting cost me some birdies yesterday! ? gonna work on practicing this for sure!

Wade Schwartz says:

What about length of stroke compared to speed of stroke

Wade Schwartz says:

I always practice the 3 foot circle drill

Mack Daddy says:

thanks! do you do private lessons?

First Name says:

That outfit is hawt!!

I_am Neil says:

That's new and authentic ! Way to go Aimee .

Jonathan Rosario says:

Good drill, thanks.

S1lv3rMist says:

Putting is all about direction, distance,speed and mental pressure.. 40 foot no pressure 3 foot lots of mental pressure.. pick your line input your distance make a positive not negative stroke.. 50/50 at worse… keep a positive mental attitude..

acejossy says:

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Squizzy Bollocks says:

Thanks Aimee, short putts cost me 2-4 shots a round.

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