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The release happens at such high speed and over such a short period of time that it can be incredibly difficult to control, improving it relies on the golfer having both a really clear concept around what should happen, along with the information on how to train this important part of the golf swing.

Chris Ryan covers both of these key points to help you master the release with a simple, effective release drill for the golf swing.

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Steven Lang says:

Fuck me, this video is exactly what I needed. Been struggling for two years trying to get the club face square at impact. Literally focusing on that all of the time. Did this once and now I never have to think about it again. Thanks so much. Now I can worry about other stuff…

Steve Trei says:

Really liked this video instruction. Not sure if you check up on the older videos or not but I have a quick question. Is the release the same with woods?


Great instrucrion as usual. I am 84 and wish You were around when I took up golf 40 years ago.

Rich G says:

Should add how flat ur wrist is at the end of that drill. Sort of facing the target.

Terry Rinkol says:

This seems to simple. I have always struggled with this. I know I roll my wrist over causing inconsistent ball flight. I will try this tomorrow at range but I feel good about this.

Peter McGill says:

What a coincidence! I was saying to mates at the clubhouse yesterday that I think I’ve reached my peak (mid to low 80s with the odd 70something) because I just can’t compress the ball.
Using this tip today, I’m finally taking a divot and striking well.
The best thing is this works from driver down to the short game.
Thanks, Chris

Ed Moreno says:

When I was a new golfer years ago I did what you are showing. The pivot is what definitely creates more of the straight arm look that you demonstrate. Tiger Woods has less straight arms in his iron swing with more distinct hands releasing through the shot. If a golfer does not pivot correctly it will be a flip, results a thin/fat shot, bad result. Depending on the golfers feel,kick the forward knee out or the right new towards the ball to get the right feeling for a powerful release. Some players will feel more hands others will believe their hands to be passive. Some golfers will have more of the squat look during the transition to power the release. Hands and body working together. Great video, most people watching will also benefit from watching the foot work in the beginning, especially the trail foot on how it works inward and the knee moving towards the ball to create the whipping action. This move can create an early extension if the hips do not stay back and away to create space for the arms.

Joseph Villanueva says:

Hi Chris, so what happens after you get that last position when you have achieved clubhead as far away from you? What is gonna happen after arm parallel in the follow through

Eddie Lee says:

I found this old video trying to self correct my swing. I can't thank you enough. I instantly fixed my non-existent release. Hit 13 greens which was my new record. Take care.

Peter Wallace says:

Hi Chris. I like very much your videos but I dont feel you give sufficient time to respond to comments left. It must be difficult I know. So many comments that illustrate your popularity. You clearly are a great coach and it must be difficult to respond to the many queries that you get.
However I feel that you should make a greater effort to do so. This would make a huge difference and greatly increase your fan base. I hope this is helpful and brings about a positive outcome.
Best wishes


Peter Wallace says:

Have for many, many years followed the Leslie King Method ( this has given me a good model and some succes but has not moved me forward ). I feel that your tutorials are excellent. So have subscribed.and look forward to improving my golf further with greater feel on my swing and consequently enjoying my game and bringing about an improved swing and much better results.
Your methods are very different but I feel they can be so more effective for me.
I feel very optimistic.

Peter Wallace says:

Not sure why the club has to be so far away?. Can you explain?

mafatofu says:

Well explained.
I thought I was doing wrong but what you explained is what I am trying to achieve. I will practice your way with more confidence.
Thank you so much.

Zachary Allard says:

I don’t know how. And I don’t know why. But your video has changed my swing for the better. Thank you!!

Curtis Vincent says:

I can find so many videos where flicking is the main topic but I can’t seem to find any covering my issue which is holding the shaft lean too long and never truly releasing at all. Any suggestions?

Eamonn Neeson says:

SO this is why i was driving like 30 yards further when i was doing grip strength training. Stability at higher speeds for higher strength baseline. I'm sure this can be overcooked but I'd say thats the limiting factor for a lot of golfers! They can swing harder than their forearms can manage to keep stable!

fika nuryahati says:

Great video with this amazing drill. I just tried this at the range and increased all my clubs by 10 yards!

Olivier FROHN says:

Really a fantastic explanation of the release !! Many thanks Chris for this 👍.

Stephen Haviland says:

great content. I'm the exact opposite golfer whereas I over rotate my body and hang onto the angle through the swing. this gives me something to work on as a base.

jason bellotti says:

I swing 100mph but the ball only goes 210 at the most I know I'm releasing to early

Eldred Merricks says:

It’s really more of a trail arm extension than a release to me… I’m gonna work on this for mid and long irons- I do it with driver already but the other clubs I just rotate the hips around at impact…

Jody Le says:

Would you this technique for all clubs (driver, irons, & wedges)?

Joe Ferreria says:

One of the best golf instructors I have seen. Very detailed and yet practical

Ed Muquit says:

is this the kind of release that Jordan Spieth does?

Brent Rottweiler says:

I rarely comment on anyone’s post or page but I’d be doing a disservice to the golfing public if I didn’t. You are absolutely one of the best YouTube golf instructors in terms of explanation, drills and easy to implement tips.
This episode that I am commenting on, one of the best I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched a lot of golf videos.
Thank you for all the help and keep up the good work!

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