Masters Intro

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Aaron Smith says:

What year was this for?

Chris Arseneault says:

tiger is done

Howie Dahlen says:

I can't wait for the Masters this year

Derek Bowers says:

RIP Arnold

They don't make them like they used too.

ti inu says:

Wow whoever the group or person who made this should get an award. Amazing

hatcher2262 says:

Goose bumps!

Diego N.O.B says:

Two Weeks only…It's almost time….yeahhhh

phantomlord54 says:

This is ABSOLUTELY CBS's greatest Masters telecast introduction ever. Period. Simply EPIC..

Miroslav Nikolich says:

Best week of the year. Chills watching this. One of my dreams to attend in person.

Tim Scallon says:

Enjoy, my friend. There is nothing quite like a major, and majors pale in comparison to the 4 days at Augusta National. My dream is one day to take my boy there to see it.

Matt Peters says:

this is seriously the greatest thing ever. i can't believe im going for saturday and sunday this year. literally a dream come true

Joseph Reyes says:

I get chills just watchng this. Great video.

mad122780 says:

Can't wait for "The Tradition Unlike Any Other"!

bernoroodt says:

What a video! Amazing!

Thomas Dransfeld says:

Do you have more videos like this?

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