Masters Practice Round – Mowing #15

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An army of mowers clean up #15 fairway at Augusta National at the end of the practice round on Monday 4/6/15. Flying V formation with 16 mowers is too strong. You can even see Victor Dubuisson trying to finish his practice round.


MrSamurai99999 says:

lol we use 2 at a time these days I thought that was fancy….

thephenomenalcrew says:

Conga line!

Dstar 1958 says:

And the mechanic probably has to grind and set the height on each reel daily too.

Cam Quirk says:

Each one of those mowers costs more than $50,000

Fonzworth Asanga says:

moving like a well oiled machine


This was awesome! I'm a fairway mower my self

Scott Schurman says:

I'm a golf course superintendent and I still find this fascinating. Thanks for sharing!!!

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