Masters Special Foxhills 2015

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Masters Special Foxhills 2015. this is our 2015 golf The Masters special with James Pickard, Kevin Harper, Matthew Lockey and Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Watch as the guys take on this UK Augusta style golf course in a epic matchplay golf match. see who hits the best drives and holes the most putts to claim the 2015 Masters special crown.

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HoffTTM says:

“Regular shaft will make no difference” – swiftly hits two big lefts

bboosz says:

I thought maybe Mark got a new HD camera or something. Then I realized it’s
just that there’s sunshine.

matt barto says:

Mark, with these yougolftravel offers, maybe you can make a gamegolf
challenge so people can play against the boys when they visit?

David Wadhams says:

Brace yourself, spelling police are coming.

Will Bick says:

Kevin might as well cut his right hand off

christopherMTLvideos says:

Is Pickard wearing red Hyperflex shoes?

Daniel Eason says:

Not the type of place to slap it about

Barry Oakland says:

rhododendron Mark. Funny Lockie, what’s funny is you don’t find it funny,

Jeff Jeffery says:

Crossfield! Raking from the edge of the bunker to in?! Shouldn’t you do it
t’other way around?

Adzy Nealo says:

‘Pockets in your golf balls’

Jonsse says:

It’s a Specail video! I love Specail videos from Crossfeild!

See Bee says:

I’ve not even watched it yet, but already ‘liked’. Love these vlogs!

Rory Campbell says:

“Aim for the middle one and miss it” – classic

Mr E says:

whats a specail anyway?… :P

Jerome Lauzon says:

Always enjoy watching your matches guys. Especially during the winter. Now
it’s soon my turn to tee off

3steveo3 says:

just started watching and im gone pmsl…. @ 6.12 mark tamping – “yeh
that looks about 7ft away”!!! :D……

Chris Adams says:

I can’t be the only one who heard “easy as shit” when Lockey said “Easyish

Wes Ferrin says:

Nice course choice Mark. I hope Matt finds his magic during this match. I
enjoy your lower level of banter. Twitch is a better ball striker than you
credit him, he needs work on the green though. Drive for show putt for

David Harris says:

The melancholy piano music is hilarious! Keep up the good work, boys.

rosenlefty12 says:

Mark, would you recommend getting fitted for a driver even if the numbers
with the driver in testing are much better than your original driver and
you can control the driver with both a draw and a fade?

cd852456 says:

Anybody know what clubs they are using?

Wes Logue says:

After watching all these course videos I think we need to change +Mark
Crossfield name from Parfield to Bunkerfield. Dude is always at the beach
and under the lip

David Savage says:

Love to watch but you really need to fix the camera shakes / swings /
sweeps / rolls. Oh I feel sick again :(

Gregor Myles says:

Play Alwoodley, it’s a Alister Mackenzie design

HA3LSTROM _ says:

you should lay Bay Valley golf Resort in michigan

Neil Smith says:

Sponsored by Puma by any chance??

Jackie Chow says:


robbie966 says:

Pockets in you golf balls Mark at 14.35????

Urban Risk says:

You should ask yourgolftravel to send u to Quinta De Lago South Course it’s
so much better than the North

Keith Goldberg says:

Pickard is the god of recovery! 

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Angryfield; “I’d change clubs but I’m too angry” That’s too funny :-)

Ryan Barnett says:

Can you guys do a series of videos of each of you trying to qualify for the

Gamer_HD272 says:

catfox hills for the win 

muthafunky says:

I laugh my head off every time I hear that music when they’re looking for
their golf balls! 

benjo33682 says:

Bitterfield! Only thing that matters is what the score says on the card!
Not how you did it 

jamesmartingolf says:

Longcross is much the better of the 2 courses there. 

basti4k says:

u lock the irons with what ?

alestev24 says:

Any chance that Matt lasered the birch behind the green instead of the flag
when he went long?

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