Mike Trout Hitting Mechanics Slow Motion Baseball Swing – 10000fps LA Angels MLB home run

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Mrbee1 says:

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Yung Han Huang says:

0:07 highest point of his elbow, same height as his helmet

ssoross says:

My coach told me that the order in which body parts reach their max speed is 1. Hips 2. Torso 3.arm 4. Hands if you watch this and really look it all starts with the waist. (I mean yeah the leg but that’s just a timing thing for most players.) my swing would be a shit ton better if I had listened to him.

ohmanifeelfunny says:

The bat is screaming holy smokes.

Will bryant says:

Can’t believe this was 8 years ago

Devin Heinrich says:

Thanks hopefully I’m am good now

T.J Rocker says:

trash swing bro

T.J Rocker says:

Perfect Swing

TTVMarkt qt says:

0:24 hes flying

fritzyboi says:

where real men cried

Logan TREEMASTER says:

This isn’t 10,000 FPS lol

un gato says:

Anyone else here for drawing reference?

Braden Jarvis says:

He always does that weird little jump after contact

MayDog says:

Mike trout 5 push-ups

Alex Spicer says:

Best all around player I had ever seen hands down

Chase Cieslar says:

0:23 my mans was flying

Owen Lochhead says:

I’ve watched this over 50
Times now

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