Moe Norman shows his Master Move, Vertical Drop, Coin Drill. Golf swing instruction

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Moe Norman shows what he believed to be the most important part of his golf swing. The transition, vertical drop, master move, horizontal tug. He also talks about his coin drill.

This video is shared with the permission of the PGA of America who filmed this in 1994. The Q&A is from PGA member Craig Shankland who has released this at no charge to the public.

This video is for all the Moe Norman fans out there. It is not instruction, and I no longer teach Moe's Golf swing. In my opinion, there are much easier ways to swing a golf club.



Richard Blaszkiewicz says:

Saw Moe at Glen Abbey once ,asked for an autograph and he said he only signed for children.

Myka says:

….crazy idea but let's see his BALL FLIGHT

Keith Lee says:

Maybe he shoots straight, his swing is not efficient. He probably can only drive 200 yards, not enough to play LPGA. His full swing is most players half swing, of course it is straight,

jack hammer says:

He kept saying no efforts at all, yet he was panting and gasping for air😀😁😁

Tom Dowling says:

If only he was more confident.

J Grudenic's Trumpet says:

I don’t think he was aware of what he did. He said he didn’t use his hips, but you can see in slow motion, his hip moves away.

Philip Smith says:

He was just an amazing talent, modern day coaches should adopt some of moe's principals, the amount of position based B.S in golf these days is just unbelievable, makes me think coaches are actually trying to make the game harder, not easier…but maybe that's their agenda !!

Joey Bikes says:

I stumbled into this swing before seeing him talk about it. Pretty much everyone teaches this "drop" or they say you have come come more inside then to out… and that looks right when pros hit it.
But when I tried to take the club away slow and low, it didn't give me that much room to go more "inside." I was about as "inside" as I could be.
So my backswing is a little higher and then I've got a lot of room to drop and then do almost exactly what Moe Norman does. For me, I and trying to make the release the dominant part of the downswing… and my lead arm isn't moving nearly as much. My lead elbow is not pointing down (like jimmy ballard teaches) but is pointing outside the ball and darn if it doesn't work every time.

Ardnfast says:

While watching Moe I'm always impressed with how much room he gives himself to the ball thus allowing his arms to swing through impact without restraint.

djhbrown says:

Hey, Moe! Take a look at yourself on video and you will see that your hips DO move! And just as well that they do too, because you would have popped a disc otherwise.

Bryan Monkhouse says:

First time I saw Moe , he drove into a driving range where i was hitting balls -clearly knew the owner who was about to close – the two of them chatted as Moe hit driver off packed dirt lies in front of the tees – range balls – no tee and a club he grabbed out of a barrel. 20 in a row pure as the driven snow – never stopped talking the whole time – amazing man.

John Floro says:

I agree his swing looks effortless and he is an awesome ball striker. Wish I had his shot. However, there is a disconnect between what he says is working and what I see. His demonstration of the vertical drop looks nothing like his actual swing. He says he no or very little hip movement, however I see a good bit of hip movement considering the smoothness of his swing.

beegee22 says:

"That's the feeling of greatness right there." Yup. Great shot every single time.

Mark Musial says:

Moe's hips turned about as much as they could with that wide , straight footed stance. So don't not "turn your hips"……

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