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Do you want more distance with all you clubs? One of my recent lessons was lacking distance through his bag and he thought it was due to him getting a little bit older. Now this can be the cause as age gets to us all, but in this case it was because of what was happening in the swing. In this golf lesson Matt Fryer talks through what changed in the golf lesson to help the golf swing deliver more distance.

By using the body in the correct manner during the golf swing, you will maintain and possibly even gain distance from your golf swing. Players like Gary Player still to this day generate a good amount of distance from there golf swing by using the hips correctly in the golf swing.

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George Mazuran says:

Matt please don’t use people’s names , you sound like Danny Maude Tom dick and Harry,,, be like your mates the fab 4 / 3 ….. Rick finch and Carter , don’t worry about garry

Michael Heap says:

This is a great video. I had a lesson on Friday last week and was told this was what I was doing too. As a result of the lack of transition and rotation through the ball, I was hitting with a chicken wing (left arm). I'll use these drills to help me feel the sensation of the correct turn back and through. Thank you Matt!

alexander williams says:

Careful with this, if you're not able to get your body back to square by the point of impact, you might end up with a nasty slice. Also, if you're having to whip your hips too fast to get back to square in your downswing, you may end up injuring your lower back, in some extreme cases, all the way to the point of developing Sciatica or even a slipped disc. Some players may compensate for directional missed hits (slices) by laying off on their back swing a little further than normal, however then a failure to reach enough negative hip angle in this back swing will likely turn your shot into a snap hook missed hit. So there's a lot of factors to consider when attempting to execute this technique and incorporate it into your normal swing. Some food for thought.

Jan Pedersen says:

It looks easy but I’ll never learn it. Have tried so often on the range.
And at the course I take the grass before the ball.

Carl Brown says:

Great stuff. I struggle with hip turn on the backswing so will try this.

Richard Parkhouse says:

Thanks, really helpful


Great advice Matt thank you !

Mike Farrell says:

That was a brilliant video Matt,one of your best to date.Very well explained and demonstrated. Cheers.

Shane Jenkins says:

Great drill I struggle with my hips swaying. Swaying hips make terrible outcomes I certainly attest to that. Thanks Matt!

sridhar DV says:

Hi Matt, well explained in detail very crisp , would be great to include some videos of Gary as he was being coached… offcourse this would be at his discretion….the reason being u r very professional and can control and demonstrate the moves at will , however when we are being coached or observed we tend to concentrate and demonstrate the moves while many other aspects may go wrong

Aussie Mike says:

Gary's real name was Carter, wasn't it !

Brian Rizza says:

First no such thing as a bad shakira reference. 2nd don't take this the wrong way would much rather watch her hips then yours😎. On the back swing i try to feel my right hip go back and up a little. Is that right?

michael horner says:

Thanks Matt
Now I’m humming hips don’t lie all day.

ian wood says:

This may well be where I have been going wrong hopefully get on the range and practice, fantastic description of the drill!

heriberto rendon says:

What a stunning background!!!.

Bandit Baker says:

Two great drills Matt, many thanks. I'm not sure if I still have hips at my age, but I will certainly give these drills a go and see if I can get them working like Shakira LOL 🕺🤣🤣

Paul and Sue Roberts says:

Great for the older golfer,I shall try it as soon as my back is better!

David Walters says:

Very useful video. Thanks

Alan Ford says:

Cheers Matty that's a great help….

gabbagabba321 says:

What a backdrop that is! Top lesson as well! Cheers

Ryan Woodward says:

Hips not going to lie? You sly dog! Great drill BTW. I've been feeling stuck with my transfer to the front side and can already feel the benefit from this drill.

gts golf says:

I've used that backswing set up as an anti slice exercise for the driver, hit some lovely draws! Beautiful golf hole btw.

Bill Campbell says:

Excellent exercise for older golfers like myself. I'll be trying these to improve my rotation and distance.

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