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Distance comes from a number of places in the golf swing, but the longer hitters have an ability to create huge amounts of club speed through their hands and arms.

In this video Chris Ryan shows you how to do this, and covers some common reasons why golfers are unable to achieve the distance that they desire.

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Juan Colmenares says:

Your amateur golfer swing was right on point Lol

Allan De Vera says:

Fast hands in sync with stable turn of the lower and upper body = increase in distance.

Regis Staley says:

I love all your lessons. Every once in a while you publish one that seems to be sent personally to address my current shortcoming. This is such a day. I like where my swing is (rare) but I'm frustrated because I know I'm not getting a proper release. You know if when you feel it. I don't want to speed up my tempo. I don't want to force a larger shoulder turn. BaddabookBadaboom. Enter this lesson. Thanks you again

David Chen says:

Chris, great video! Very hard to keep hands and wrists relaxed, but I find when I do, that’s when I get my best distance. Love the drills and the swing thought of club traveling much further than hands really helps!

Michael Pasvantis says:

Excellent information, thank you ?

Alan Jordan says:

Great tip thanks

Glenn Watson says:

I used to believe I needed a very loose grip. This made my swing unpredictable. Lately I have tightened up with the right hand and I think its better.

Ruud Schrijvers says:

When I saw the title of this video I didn’t know what to expect. Fast hands? Now I understand the concept and take it to the range. When I read other comments it seems I’m not the only one that’s wondering how to avoid tension in the wrist and forearms with this concept. Any thoughts on that Chris?

Rajbir raj says:

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Colin Brown says:

Thanks Chris, grip basics great reminder and simple drills to get the feel – that’s me hooked and practicing. Cheers and Happy New Year. Colin.

robert mayes says:

It looks like the relaxed wrists causes one to flip your wrist. How do you have relaxed wrists and ensure your shaft is in front of the club head at impact?

mark tizard says:

How can you use your hands without closing the club face to early?

matthew orge says:

Do another video on really good body pivot!!!
I’m salivating!

John Pfistner says:

The one handed swing looks like a great drill to do while waiting to get on the tee box. It's ironic, we use the expression of 'soft hands' in hockey. The hands are firm on stick but the more fluid they are the better control of the puck in handling, passing, and shooting. Just saying…both sports are so similar in such a way (mechanics) that my mentality in golf hasn't accepted it yet. Thanks, again, CR, for another great video which seems to sprout up to coincide with my current golf woes. Tony Finau is awesome! I want to see him win a Major this year! ?⛳?

William Parke says:

That's one for me Chris mate great job.

Simon Langford says:

Can you show the difference via a tracking monitor please.

Douglas Robertson says:

I’ve had lessons being told to have quiet hands and I lost distance but from watching this my problem was tension in my arms. I will try it out tomorrow. Thanks again.

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