Most Overlooked Swing Secret For Speed | Talking How To Accelerate | Martin Borgmeier

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Martin Borgmeier says:

I'll film a lot of content next week, doing a few more Q&A rounds, drop your questions down below:

A W says:

Hey my man, love your content 💪
I would love if you could elaborate how you work the pressure in your feet before the swing ⛳

St. Gerard Catholic Church, San Antonio says:

Martin, great video, funny and educational….love the guy asking, "how fast was that?" Love this idea of decleration, timing would be critical…never tried, but I will this week.

Liam Firth says:


scott crabiel says:

Great stuff! Congruent with Dietz’s research with Triphasic Training and power development. Absolute fact, the faster an athlete can decelerate, the faster they can accelerate.

Charlton Nguyen says:

The amount of really good golf knowledge shared in this video is incredible. I would take your master class.

Michael Freeman says:

Love your videos Martin! I’m trying to get my swing speed up from 110 mph to about 115 mph. I really appreciate your technical explanations.

Eric says:

You could kill someone watching from behind you.

JP Niemand says:

Can i call you in for golf tournament, you just need the wedges here in South-Africa with that distance.

Mikko Martin says:

I'm also 4-5 mph (club head) faster outside. I've been thinking it's because I'm aiming further away than the 4 meters indoors

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