Never Miss a Short Putt Again!

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Anonymous Salamander says:

If you clicked on this video to learn to putt better, you should watch this one from Clay Ballard instead:

Anonymous Salamander says:

I like your emphasis on having the clubhead square at impact.

However, I think you misunderstand the point of the shorter backswing / longer through-swing philosophy. It also says that distance is controlled by the backswing, i.e. a shorter backswing = less distance, while a longer backswing = more distance. The purpose of having a longer through-swing than your backswing is to ensure that the clubhead is accelerating at impact. It is more difficult to control distance if the clubhead is decelerating at impact, which is more likely to happen when your backswing is longer than your through-swing.

Big Al says:

Thumbs down just for the title…never mind the fact you miss the first putt you tried to make. Ridiculous.

B R says:

Never waste your time clicking on LIES

Matthew Newman says:

So you’re saying decelerate into the ball. Never heard of that being taught before. Only ever heard of it being a problem that needs fixed. Might be why you missed a bunch of putts ?

Joe Cloyd says:

Ill give it a try makes since

Robert Bernard says:

Great tip and can’t wait to try it. Cheers

William Mcneilly says:

Video Title:"Never Miss a Short Putt Again!" Video Content: Footage of a guy missing a short putt.

Blue Bayou says:

Nice Vecci's

Mark Greer says:

I just missed 11 short putts yesterday. Not because I wasn’t aiming straight, but because I would get the break or speed slightly off.

Dennis Bailey says:

This tip has greatly improved my putting… Thank You!!

Mike Burton says:

Great tip, thanks.

Flex Putter Trainer Flex Shaft says:

great work showing golfers Eric

ronoccc says:

Tiger Woods in his prime was the best putter and had his toe up not heel. As do many great putters. Plus a lot of them have a shorter backswing and more of a poppy motion. Like Brandt Snedeker

Johnny Nonny says:

Maybe think about another career. Teaching golf is not it.

StuffWeUnderstand says:

This is terrible advice

Jpgundarun says:

The only way to never miss a short putt again is to never play golf again. Problem solved.

david cong says:

Why you always lie? You missed 50% LOL

Jayden Lawson says:

"Never Miss A Short Putt Again"… misses 50%

Jancen says:

just like billiards

Kyle Mc says:

I missed a short putt….

lovetogolf says:

Great tip!  Let the ball roll as it was designed to  I missed some close par putts about 4 for a 43..Shoulda been a 39!!!

rackum44 says:

Seems like it would be really tough to control distance on long putts

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