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  1. I bought a brand new Callaway Rogue for $250 USD. That's a cheap enough price for a brand new high quality club that it makes more sense to me to grab that , than deal with a used club.

  2. Callaway 3 years ago: "Our driver is so much better than last years driver".
    Callaway 2 years ago: "see last year's statement".
    Callaway last year: "yup, same statement"
    Callaway this year: "did we mention that it's better"?
    Callaway next year: "It's so much better than the crap we put out last year".
    Every consumer: "Callaway, your drivers have been the same total carry/distance for 6 years.
    Callaway is the embarrassing relative at Christmas with lots of stories. The clown car of golf. The ridiculous names, flashy colors, braggar claims. The makers of the Callaway Wobblesoft balls.
    Callaway is a brand that's impossible to take seriously

  3. Bought the sub zero and
    Standard version of this
    Club. Ended up selling the sub zero. It was an absolute ball crusher but I couldn’t control it. The standard is almost as far and much more user friendly.

  4. I picked up an Epic GBB in the summer and after a long time of struggling with driver and a few different brands I love it. I find that Callaway drivers suit my eye more behind the ball. They look a bit neater than others I've tried

  5. I wish i could find it from a trusted source, i would buy this driver in a heartbeat, only seem them for new and still 500-600 still….

  6. The resale value for this Callaway totally sucks compared to my Cobra F9 Driver, 3W & 5W. It was $100 more than my F9 when it was new with and worth less used.

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  8. I can't hit Taylormade drivers well, Callaway is my choice. I sold my Rogue tour spec driver in july chasing distance trying the SIM and then SIM2, haven't gotten off the tee well since. Big mistake selling my rogue head that I regret. I hit a high ball and I just purchased a callaway epic max ls and I'm hoping to get back on track. I did try an epic flash when I had my rogue and didn't notice an improvement over the rogue.

  9. I got a Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver with a Project X Even Flow X Stiff Blu Shaft for 220$ CAD (about 130 GBP). Lots of sky marks but I had a Cleveland HB Launcher before switching so I easily gained 30 yds on my first drive. Anyways, it feels the used Callaway drivers are going out pretty cheap for some reason.

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