One Move to Stop Rushing the Downswing

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One Move to Stop Rushing the Downswing

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I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Aaron Lall says:

175 carry with an 8 iron? Jeez, I barely make about 140

c1985paul says:

Sounds like a roller-coaster

GDG99 says:

What title is the "Knuckle Dragger" filed under on your Top Speed website. I"m a member, but can't find it there. Your work is fantastic. Thanks.

Michael Sliwinski says:

I dont understand how and why using this aid and losing 10mph swing speed is beneficial. Wouldnt using a training aid that alters such a basic swing characteristic be detrimental and unrelatable to a swing with wearing the aid?

Bill Hah says:

I could not find the source of your device and discount code. Plz give me a phone no and discount code or so Thanks for a good lesson.

Bill Dunn says:

Nice dance moves!!

Patrick Wheeler says:

I notice with shaft lean and turning my wrist down during impact my ball flight it really low. It’s great for nailing the ball cart but not to functional on the course. What could cause this? Someone said get higher launch shafts.

Woodward Ryan says:

Don't need a move, just a swing thought. "Hit to 200 yards, hit it 200 yards, hit it 200 yards". I do this with every tee shot with my driver and not only is it a smooth swing but I hit the ball further and far more accurate. I do this with my irons as well, I just tell myself "50 percent, 50 percent".

Sean Wilson says:

Clay – the link to the pure swing aid takes you to the webpage without any discount on the price? Is there a discount code? thanks!

Dennis T says:

I watched the precision impact video and from what I know about the golf swing, this was made for your irons only because with the driver your hands and the club head are in a straight line when it comes to the impact of the ball but in the video I just watched they show the man using a driver and I wouldn’t think that you would use this impact device with a driver am I correct because in the video they show him and you see his hands back and you can see that his hands his wrist are not set back it’s almost like it’s flat so I’m a little confused when they show the guy using the driver, but I think it looks great for your irons but not sure about the driver. Great video 👍😃⛳️🏌🏼

Golden Gate says:

Great video Clay … can you pass on the $20.00 coupon code … thanks …

daniel francoeur says:

Great video
What is the discount code for the 20$ off ?

Nathan Giles says:

I have been watching videos for years and Clay you are by far the best instructor I have seen. Keep up the great work!!

Ben Rich says:

Great lesson Clay!!!!!

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