Patrick Reed’s Final Round in Under Three Minutes

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Richard-Anthony Gilbey says:

Def I agree with trump he played tight golf and closed that tournament down.

rhinos111 says:

Deserved to win, played great over the weekend with leader's pressure. Still, the putt on 17 hitting the pin was one of the luckiest breaks I can recall at Augusta – that was off the green otherwise and he comes up 18 tied for the lead at best.

Nestor Pelayo says:

Using the private life of a Reed is not a valid reason to attack Reed to mask your inferiority.

Ken Wade says:

Always fun watching Rory choke. Awesome win for Reed!

David van Dijk says:

I hope Adam Hadwin wins the masters one day.

Kyle Corrigan says:

The year Patrick reed ruined the masters

Kelly Anderson says:

Ricky and Rory had 4 days to take this man down and could'nt do it. Hat tip P Reed.

ShuanTheCritic says:

He’s a monster for what he did to his family. I’m not watching golf anymore

bluewhale18 says:

His sister says he’s a monster

johnny67448 says:

He needs to stay off the twinkies but he did well to win.

extra solar says:

he put em away, fair and square, lol.

Jon N. says:

Reed has such a punchable face

Dan Lee says:

I feel suicidal

actual90 says:

Worst major winner in a while and the worst Master champ ever.. Sure he played great but he is just so unlikable.

Jaeden Sports says:

Congrats, Patrick Reed!

Mathew Nadworny says:

Jordan and Rickie only had to get 1 more stroke to tie. 1 MORE!!, instead this guy wins, unfortunately

2refloG says:

People don't like him because of the way his face looks. Jay Cutler of golf. Funny how people are.

Matthew J says:

I know we all live in a world with a bunch of people who "have it their way" like burger King but like him or not he played a great tourney. People forget about his match play with rorey. One of the greatest matches ever. I know I know everyone else is perfect and Reed gets criticized for being the way he is. People think he's arrogant and too abrasive. Get over it. He's a winner! Not everyone is as "clean cut" as Ricky and Jordan. This dude can play some serious golf and now has a green jacket to prove it.

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

He has dominated the whole tournament with all the top players contending.
Very well done!

WanaB Golfer says:

Don't like this commentator.

golfboy55 says:

Someone needs to tell the narrator this isn't radio…

Cletus Anfernee Jackson says:


80sruler says:

That was the quietest applause for a winner in Masters history. Oh well, he did what he needed to with the lead

Frank Phammy says:

Where's RORY'S Final Round in Under Three Minutes

Sporty Smith says:

Thank you Mr Reed… You made our Sunday nice

Gina Mascetti says:

Love how Reed won!!! I want to write a letter to him thanking him for keeping his faith when a bunch of haters were trying to ruin his game. Ha ha ha….Reed won!! He beat all of you haters!!

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